Fire Goes to Church

Fire Goes to Church

Canal Fulton, Ohio, had a pretty Catholic Church. Its 150-foot spire was a local landmark for 79 years identifying it to everyone approaching the little community from miles away.

During a terrific thunder storm recently lightning struck the church, blowing out some fuses. The priest investigated immediately and finding nothing amiss but the blown fuses, left the edifice, at about midnight.

Early next morning a neighbor discovered the entire rear of the structure afire and immediately summoned the Canal Fulton Fire Department, reputed to be one of the best equipped and efficient small departments in Ohio. But by the time the firefighters were in operation, the fire blazed hopelessly beyond control.

Firemen, manning three pumpers, operated as many large streams on the hot fire and, although unable to prevent the almost total destruction of the church, they stopped it from spreading to dwellings within 100 feet. They had the fire out in four hours.

Fire Consuming Steeple of Canal Fulton Church

Investigating after the fire, it was found that the altar and sacristy were untouched, although the roof had fallen in. In falling, all the large roof timbers formed a protective ‘leanto’ over these sections of the church and they were untouched. (Thanks Chief Ray Earle, Massillon, Ohio).

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