Fire Hazard of the Private Wooden Garage

Fire Hazard of the Private Wooden Garage

Fire Illustrating the Dangers Contained in Such Structures, Emphasized by Inflammable Materials Stored in BuildingStone Crushing Plant Destroyed—Fire Record of the Week

Explosion in Private Garage Damages Residence

Results of Fire in Private Garage in Which Inflammable Materials Were Stored

Mrs. Annie M. Snow, an invalid and two other women were rescued in a sensational manner recently, during a $10,000 fire, which gutted the home of William R. Snow, Cliftondale, Mass. This fire also destroyed a garage and four automobiles and endangered property in that section which is valued at several hundred thousand dollars. Help was sent from Lynn, and Capt. Wallace E. Bowden, in charge of Engine Co., No. 3, made a quick run to the fire and this company assisted materially in not only stopping the spread of the fire, but extinguishing the main fire. The fire started in a wooden garage in the rear of the residence of William R. Snow, and was first discovered by a policeman, who noticed a small fire in the garage. After sounding an alarm from box 21, he proceeded to the home of Mr. Snow to alarm the inmates, and before he could reach the house several small explosions occurred. This was followed by a heavy explosion in the garage, and the structure became a roaring mass of flames. The buildings in the near vicinity were showered with live sparks and burning embers. The fire from the garage communicated to the Snow home and worked into the partitions and it became necessary for the firemen to direct several streams of water in each story of the building. Heavy water damage thus resulted to the building and its furnishings. Four large automobiles were destroyed in the garage. The fire is thought to have started from a short circuit in one of the automobiles, but the cause of the explosions was due to the hazardous materials stored in the garage, such as paints, oils, and other painters supplies. The fire, upon reaching these materials, caused them explode, and thus spread the flames.

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