Fire in Omaha Board of Trade Building

Fire in Omaha Board of Trade Building

The Board of Trade building at Omaha, Neb. was recently badly damaged by fire, which started from an unknown cause and was covered at 2 a. m. by a watchman. The fire started in the kitchen of the University Club on the top floor. The fire burned with great rapidity and had gained great headway when the department arrived and flames broke out through the roof. Inside of an hour the south half of the top floor had fallen, going through a large glass light well and dropping to the third floor. Eighteen streams were on the fire and by 4 o’clock it was under control, and was completely extinguished an hour later. The entire roof was burned off and, while the fire was confined to the upper floor, timbers and girders dropped to the floor below and sprung it out of shape. Damages to surrounding buildings were slight, though at times the fire threatened to destroy them. The Schlitz hotel to the south and across the alley was saved by having several streams poured upon it for fully two hours. Once or twice the roof was on fire. Water was poured into the windows on the alley side of the hotel and their contents were thoroughly soaked. The one-story building on the west, occupied by the United States National Bank, sustained slight loss by reason of water. The Board of Trade building was erected about thirty years ago at a cost of something like $300,00. The damage was estimated at $150,000.


Photo courtesy of Omaha “Bee.”

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