Fire Line for Camper

Fire Line for Camper

Grass fire is attacked by Chief Don Thompson in demonstration of use of garden hose hookup to the pressurized water system of a camper.Heart of system is the inexpensive faucet that replaces the water system drain plug.

County Fire Dist. No. 11

Have you ever been out in your recreation vehicle and wondered what you would do if you had a fire? All good campers carry a fire extinguisher, shovel, water bucket, and ax, but you might need more.

Here is another type of fire extinguisher that I installed on my trailer for less than $2.00.

First of all, you have to have a pressure-type water system. My trailer carries 25 gallons of water, and I leave the compressor on all the time. The only thing I bought was one water faucet, which I installed in place of drain spigot.

You should have a hose long enough so you can borrow your neighbor’s if he has one.

One other appliance you will need is a nozzle for the hose that can be adjusted to a water fog, as this is the best way to apply water to a fire to extinguish it efficiently.

The water in my trailer will last approximately five minutes at constant flow. In this time, we hope you can put the fire out or sufficient help will have arrived.

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