Fire Loss in New York During 1924

Fire Loss in New York During 1924

Part 1 of the sixty-sixth report of the insurance superintendent of New York state has just been issued by James A. Reha, superintendent of insurance. The remaining three parts of the report will follow at intervals of three weeks.

The fire losses incurred in New York state during 1924 amounted to $16,638,952. The loss from motor vehicle, inland navigation, windstorms, sprinkler leakage and so forth was $16,638,952. The report embodies the statements of 343 joint stock and mutual companies doing business in the state.

State Fire Marshal at Lafayette, Ind., Rotary Club -Newman T. Miller, state fire marshal addressed the Rotary Club of Lafayette, Ind., on the subject of “Fire Prevention.”

Fargo, N. D., Receives Money From State —The fire department of Fargo, N. I)., received 55,748 from the state auditor for its share of the insurance fund which is made up from a percentage of the premiums received by the insurance companies doing business in the state. North Dakota paid out $35,900 to organized fire companies in the state.

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