Fire Losses for 1929

Fire Losses for 1929

To meet the growing demand on the part of news organizations, and others interested in the subject, the Executive Committee of The National Board of Fire Underwriters has authorized the release of the fire and lightning losses in the United States for 1929.

These figures will be issued each month, as soon as the 245 member companies of The National Board have reported. It is felt that the publication of these fire and lightning losses in the United States will replace the incomplete and inaccurate estimates that have been offered to the public.

The record for the calendar year of 1929, based upon the fire and lightning losses reported each month by the member companies of the National Board and tabulated at the National Board office in New York follow:

San Fernando, Cal., to Have New House—The construction of Fire Station No. 2 in San Fernando, Cal., is being planned.

Dinner Tendered Chief Davis—The City Business Club tendered a luncheon to Chief Ross B. Davis and other members of the Philadelphia Fire Bureau.

Thieves Steal Firemen’s Phone—Thieves entered the fire house in Gloucester, N. J., and tore a telephone from the wall to get at the coin box. The fire house is left open at night for the convenience of residents of the section who have to use the telephone.

Shenandoah, Pa., Has Bad Factory Blaze—One fireman was killed and others were injured while fighting a fire in Shenandoah, Pa., that started in a shirt factory and spread through a closely built residential section. Fifteen homes were destroyed. The fireman was killed when a side wall collapsed. Firemen from adjoining towns were called for assistance.

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