Fire Makes 2,500 Homeless

Fire Makes 2,500 Homeless

Four hundred houses were burned and about 2,500 persons were made homeless when a fire visited Tatavia, a suburb to the north of Pera, the European part of Constantinople, recently. Tatavia is a thickly populated section with wooden houses inhabited by Greek artisans.

At the time of the fire, the ground was several inches deep with snow and it was one of the coldest days of the Winter. The intense cold added to the distress of the victims and it was pathetic to observe the children, clad in the flimsiest clothing, shivering in the shelter of cupboards that had been thrown out of houses.

At one time while a north wind was blowing it was feared that the fire would spread toward Pera, where hotels and shops and the foreign embassies, legations and consulates arc situated. The fire is believed to have been started in an illicit distillery. The fire brigade complained that the water supply was totally inadequate owing to frost.

Two Hundred Houses Razed in Constantinople Conflagration Fanned by the winds of a fierce blizzard, fire destroyed two hundred homes in the Greek quarters of Constantinople, Turkey. The fire burned for seven hours. Six hundred persons were made homeless and were forced to seek shelter elsewhere front a Minding snowstorm that was raging at that time. The photograph shows some of the ruins. In the distance can be seen the snow capped roofs of the city proper.

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