Fire Makes News

Fire Makes News

The fire reporter, or other members of the staff of the Hartford, Conn., Courant, didn’t have to go far for a piece of fire news on July 31. It all happened right in the Courant office.

At least there was smoke, plenty of it, and someone saw it from the street. It was coming from the roof of the Courant Building at 305 Broad Street. The discoverer ran to Florence and Howard Streets and turned in an alarm.

Before reporters at the newspaper had time to locate the fire, the apparatus had arrived, three engine companies and two ladder trucks, deputies and police cruisers.

They rushed to the upper stories where they found only the big vat of molten lead in the stereotype department, from the surface of the big pot the smoke was rising. Residue from melted type had risen to the surface and was giving off a heavy smoke.

The result: One run (for the firemen); no hits, no errors!


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