Fire management scholarship competition

Fire management scholarship competition


To help individuals further their education through college-level courses in fire science, management, or related fields, the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Foundation’s fire management scholarship competition was established.

Scholarships, normally in the amount of $250, are awarded to those demonstrating need, desire, and initiative, and who are active members of a state, city, provincial, municipal, community, industrial, or federal fire department.

Since the beginning of this program in 1961, over 400 scholarships have been awarded. Last year, 25 firefighters and officers from across the country received scholarships.

The deadline for applications for this year’s competition is August 1, 1985. Applications and information can be obtained by contacting: Scholarship Committee, IAFC Foundation, 1329 18th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036; telephone (202) 4637305.

The scholarship program is funded by contributions from various organizations. Sponsors include: American Bristol Industries, Cairns & Brother Inc., Cordovan Co., Dictograph Security Systems, Fire Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers Assn., F.M.C. Fire Apparatus Division, Hale Fire Pumps, IAFC Federal/Military Section, Jaffrey Fire Protection Co., Mine Safety Appliances Co., Scott Aviation, Society of Plastics Industry, South End Fire Company, Sutphen Corp., Tempo Glove Manufacturing Inc., W. S. Darley and Co., and Volunteer Firemen’s Insurance Services Inc.

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