Fire Marshal Mitchel will not resign, changes will there fore be preferred against him. In a letter to Commissioner Sheffield he says be is not conscious of any act of his which can properly subject him to censure, and states that the request of the board wais “unaccompanied by any specific reasons” why he should resign. He adds that as publiulty has been given to an alleged intention on the part of the commissioners to remove him If he did not voluntarily retire, such an intention, If it exists, would of itself render his resignation 1mpossit~le.

In consequence of this letter the following charges, preferred by the board, were immediately served on Mr. Mitchel:

“First—That you permitted Assistant Fire Marshal I*rank, and detailed Detective Policeman Lenz, to remain on duty in your bureau nearly three years after having been repeatedly Informed that they were unworthy men, untlffor their duties, and that while in almost daily contact with them during this period you did not discover that they were associates and allies of the incendiaries whose crimes they were paid by the city to prevent, detect, and puuisu, punish, auu and that unit oniy only alter after rraim Frank was was known known to to one one of the Hoard of Underwriters to be corrupt did you permit •

in the Chronicle, an insurance journal, without the knowledge or approval of the Board of Fire Commissioners, in violation of the regulations of the department of which

Third—That without the knowledge of the Fire Commissioners you, as chief of a bureau under their control, went to the Comptroller and asked if a sum of money could informers or witnesses in arson ⅛⅞ the Comptroller, you went to the Board of Underwriters and asked them to determine whether they could meet W*itiimit’renorth*ir these expenses, and th that ‘ you did procure for oi these permit expenses, them Without reporting the necessity for such expenditures or fionem, giving knowledge thus, without thereof warning, to the bringing Board of dls^edlt Fire Com upon mistheir efficiency, and subjecting your official superiors to humiliation and contempt.

contempt. ” Fourth That you have alienated the good will of many of the detectives of the police force by allowing the sole eredlt to be claimed for you for convictions in arson cases

⅛ “ banging o -er hh hTufw”i l l ” hanging ging over over his his head, head would would be be tantamount tantamount to to an an admisadmission of guilty. lie claims that he has done his duty ” faithfully anti fearlessly without a stain on his record ’’

on record The resignation of Charles A. Sotcldo, the purchasing agent of the department has also been requested. Mr. Soteldo, however, follows Mr. .Mltchel’s example aud will wait to be removed. He is a protege of former County Clerk Henry D. Purroy, Mr. Mitehel’s brother-in law and the son of a former Venezuelan Minister. It will b« remembered he was recent made the subject of serious charges by former Fire Commissioner _^ Henry ‘Wiuthrop Gray.

, It is likely also that Mr. J. Elliott Smith, superintendent of the fire alarm, telegraph, and electric appliances will be requested to resign.

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