Fire Marshals’ Association of North America

Fire Marshals’ Association of North America

The Fire Marshals’ Association of North America held its eighth annual convention in Philadelphia on Friday and Saturday of last week. The meetings were held at the Hotel Walton and were attended by delegates from 20 States, as well as delegates from British Columbia. Many of them remained over to attend the first National Fire Waste Congress, which is in session all this week. Called to order on F’riday morning by A. Lindback. Winnipeg, the president, the delegates were welcomed by Director Porter, representing Mayor Blankenburg. President Lindback then delivered the annual address, after which State Fire Marshal Ole O. Roe, of Des Moines, read a paper on “Instructions in the Causes and Dangers of Fires in Our Public Schools.” The afternoon session opened with a general discussion, followed by an address byPowell Evans, chairman of the fire prevention commission. The urgent necessity of instructing pupils of fire dangers and prevention, along the lines of the fire-prevention education successfullyestablished in the public schools of Iowa was one of the principal subjects discussed. A resolution was adopted calling for fire prevention instruction in all public, parochial and private schools, also indorsing all efforts that are being made throughout the country for fire prevention and declaring against the so-called criminal match, which strikes too easily, and against combustible roofs within municipal fire limits. A paper by E. R. Defenbautrh, State Fire Marshal of Ohio, was read by D. B. Sharn, of Columbus. The delegates then made a trip on the fireboat Ashbridge to the navy yard as the guests of the city, in charge of Director of Public Safety Porter. At League Island the battleship Minnesota was inspected and a tour was made of the big naval station.

Ait the final session of the convention on Saturday these officers were elected for the coming year: President, Ole O. Roe, State Fire Marshal of Iowa; vice-president, J. W. Blunt, Insurance Commissioner of Maine; secretary-treasurer. Clem P. Host, Fire Marshal of Wisconsin. The officers were chosen members of the executive committee along with Joseph Baldwin, Pennsylvania F’ire Marshal, and C. E. Keller, Minnesota Fire Marshal.

There was quite a discussion as to the efficiency of lightning-rod protection, and a committee was named to fix a simple standard form of rod. A committee was appointed to confer with committees of the National Board of Fire Underwriters and the National Association of Mutual Fire Insurance Companies, known as farm mutual companies, on standard forms of blanks and reports. A committee on publicity and education was also named. The final hours were marked by the reading of a number of papers on technical subjects. Bids for the convention next year were received from Cincinnati, Indianapolis. Chicago, Winnipeg and San Francisco, but the decision was left to the executive committee.


Grand Ledge, Mich., has adopted the meter system, and 450 meters will be installed to commence with.

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