Fire Menaces Largest Dry Dock

Fire Menaces Largest Dry Dock

Ruins of Garage and Pipe House in Morse Dry Dock Plant, New York, Showing Complete Destruction

A fire in the ship yard of the Morse Dry Dock and Repair Company extending along the waterfront at the foot of Fifty-fifth Street, South Brooklyn, New York City, for a time threatened the largest dry dock in the world and destroyed two garages, twenty-five automobiles and two pipe houses between six and eight o’clock on the morning of January 25. The steamship S. M. Spaulding, which was in the dry dock, was also endangered for a time. A chauffeur discovered the blaze in the garage and sent in the first alarm. Battalion Chief Cashman, who was the first officer to arrive, sent in a third alarm, which brought Chief Kenlon and Deputy Chief Martin, who at once pulled a fourth alarm. Fire Commissioner Drennan and Deputy Commissioner Thompson arrived soon after the fourth alarm. Deputy Chief Worth of the Marine Division also came with four fireboats of the city. The timbers of the top section of the dry dock ignited, but the heavy streams from the fireboats and land apparatus extinguished the flames and the dry dock was very little damaged. The steamship Spaulding did not catch fire. The cold was intense, the water freezing almost as soon as thrown. The firemen bristled with icicles and their clothing became so heavy the ice had to be chopped off in some cases. The damage was estimated at about $100,000.

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