In Case You Missed It: Recent Major Fire Service News

March 7-13, 2015

The American fire service and the U.S. military have always had an unique affiliation, with veterans frequently continuing their lives of service by returning to become firefighters in their communities, so it’s little wonder the fire service paused to mourn the lives of the 11 service members presumed lost in a deadly helicopter crash this week. The fire service also grieved for some of its own members who died in the line of duty, including an 18-year-old firefighter who died from injuries he sustained on the fireground last week in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.

Below are just some of the major fire service news headlines we saw this week. For more, go to

11 Service Members Presumed Dead in Crash
Seven Marines and four soldiers were presumed dead Wednesday after an Army Blackhawk helicopter crashed over the water during a night training exercise at Eglin Air Force Base in the Florida Panhandle.

PA Firefighter, 18, Dies from Injuries
Jeffrey Buck was pronounced dead at 4 p.m. Monday after suffering injuries in a porch roof collapse at a fire last week.

CA Firefighting Pilot Found Dead
The pilot was found deceased inside of his barracks from a cardiac-related fatal injury.

KY Chief Dies After Falling Ill
A 54-year-old Kentucky fire chief passed away after falling ill while en route to an emergency call.

One Dead in OK Medical Helicopter Crash
Authorities say one person is dead and two are injured after an EagleMed medical helicopter crashed in woods in eastern Oklahoma.

Deadly Russian Shopping Center Fire
Russian emergency officials say five people are confirmed dead and 25 more are missing and presumed dead after a shopping center in the city of Kazan collapsed in a fire. SEE PHOTOS >>

Report: Delays, Errors in Philadelphia LODD
A Philadelphia Fire Department investigation found delayed responses, tactical errors, and communication failures at the scene of the December fire that killed Firefighter Joyce Craig, according to internal documents obtained by a newspaper. ALSO: Philly Fire Commish Pledges Changes >>

10 Dead in Argentina Air Crash
Eight French nationals and two Argentine pilots on two aircraft were killed when they collided and burst into flames shortly after taking off Monday near the remote settlement of Villa Castelli in northwestern Argentina.

Buffalo Plans Firefighter Hiring ‘Spree’
An estimated 125 recruits are expected to be hired from the 2013 list by the middle of next month.

MO Pilot Identified in Fatal Helicopter Crash
Ronald Rector, 52, died late Friday in a crash at Saint Louis University Hospital.

FL Firefighters Test Positive for Toxic Mold
Nine firefighters in Indian River County have tested positive for exposure to toxic mold, which could be inside their fire stations.

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