In Case You Missed It: Recent Major Fire Service News

March 21-27, 2015

An apparent gas explosion destroyed three buildings in Manhattan’s East Village yesterday, injuring 19 people and leaving two unaccounted for, according to the latest reports. Earlier Thursday the Cincinnati Fire Department lost a veteran firefighter during an apartment fire. Late last week, New York City mourned after seven children died in a fire in Brooklyn.

Below are just a few of the major fire news headlines from this week. For more, visit

Mayday, OH Firefighter Dies After Elevator Shaft Fall
Firefighter Daryl Gordon, 54, fell down an elevator shaft while trying to rescue residents from an apartment building Thursday in the Madisonville neighborhood of Cincinnati.

Seven Children Die in NYC Fire
Seven children from an Orthodox Jewish family were killed early last Saturday when a fire tore through their Brooklyn home after they had gone to bed, a tragedy that authorities believe was caused by a malfunctioning hot plate left on for the Sabbath.

FL Firefighter Dies of Brain Tumor Complications
Rafael Garcia, 28, a city of Miami (FL) firefighter and paramedic, died from complications of a brain tumor.

Building Explosion, Collapse in Manhattan
Numerous people were injured in a major explosion, fire, and collapse in New York City Thursday afternoon. SEE PHOTOS >>

Two Firefighters Injured in SC Blast
Two firefighters were injured Monday afternoon during a Rock Hill-area house fire and as many as four explosions that neighbors said sounded like shotgun blasts. MORE: Injured Firefighters Recovering

Storms Strike AR, OK
The slow start to the nation’s tornado season came to a blustery end Wednesday when tornadoes hit Arkansas and Oklahoma. SEE PHOTOS >>

NYC Marks 25th Anniversary of Fire That Killed 87
Twenty-five years ago, what was then the biggest mass murder in U.S. history turned a dance club into a smoky, flame-filled inferno that left nearly 90 people dead, some with drinks still clutched in their hands. RELATED: FDNY Asst. Chief Nastro’s Account | FE’s 1911 Report on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

CA Firefighters Concerned Over Cell Towers
Firefighters rallied outside a Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday morning in downtown Los Angeles over cell phone towers they fear pose serious health risks to dozens of L.A. County fire stations.

Three Dead in FL Plane Crash
A helicopter crashed into a home in Orlando, killing three, according to news reports.

Fallen Boston Firefighters’ Legacy Lives On
Thursday marks the first anniversary of the deadly Back Bay fire that killed Lieutenant Edward J. Walsh Jr. and Firefighter Michael Kennedy.

Fallen Chicago Firefighters Badge Added to Memorial
Captain Herbert T. Johnson died while fighting a house fire in the Gage Park neighborhood in November of 2012

Judge Tosses CA DUI Apparatus Accident Case
A San Francisco judge on Friday tossed out the case against a former city firefighter accused of driving drunk when his fire rig struck and badly injured a motorcyclist, ruling that police lacked the legal justification to arrest him.

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