(Special correspondence of FIRE AND WATER.)

PEORIA, ILL., January 19, 1902.

The fire department of this city has had its ups and downs, like every other department in the country, and possibly it has suffered as much from the politicians as most of its neighbors. On the whole, however, it has been kept well up to the mark and not least by the efforts of the late lamented Chief Carl Moeller, whose good work was ably seconded by Assistant Chief Arthur R. Tenderlin, the worthy successor of a worthy predecessor.

Chief Tenderling was appointed acting chief during the fatal sickness of Chief Moeller, his term beginning on October 27, 1901. On Chief Moeller’s death onNovember 24 he was continued in that capacity until December 26, when his appointment as chief by the mayor was confirmed by the full council. Chief Tenderling has seen more than eighteen years of actual service in the fire department, and has been connected with it for twentytwo years, in the course of which he has been several times injured by falling walls, and most seriously at the Royal Oil fire, where he had his nose cut off by a falling cornice. It was, however, replaced by the surgeons and so deftly stitched on as to seem all right again.

Our new chief was first appointed as a fireman on January 12, 1886, being then just of age. He served for six months as pipeman on chemical company No .1, and was then transferred to chemical No. 2, from which, after serving for twelve months, he was promoted to the captaincy of that company, but was removed in six months for political reasons. In January, 1884, he was rcappointed as hoseman on hose company No. 4, where he served for four years, but in January, 1886, was again removed to make way for a man of a different political stripe, only to be reinstated the following year when a council of his political faith came into power. He returned as pipeman to his first love, chemical No. 1, where he served for six months, and was again promoted to the rank of captain, still remaining with the company. Six months afterwards Captain Tenderling was transferred to the command of hose company No. 5, and served as such till, in 1889, he was again transferred to hose company No. 4. continuing in that position up to 1896, when he was retransferred to hose company No. 2. During 1893-94 he served as acting assistant chief, his appointment coming from a mayor of politics opposite to his own. and in 1897 was transferred to the command of hose company No. 6. but was removed for politics’ sake two years after.


In June, 1901, he rejoined the department as assistant chief, and held that office till he was elected chief by the council, as already stated.

Under Chief Tenderling the department will suffer no deterioration, and as he is an up-to-date fireman, his fellow citizens expect great things both of the deartment and its head—if only ploitics are not allowed to interfere with him or his men.

A. T. Sellern has been appointed veterinary surgeon of the Camden, N. J., fire department.

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