B. F. Baker is fire marshal at Kewanee, Ill.

Will Webster is chief at Eaton Rapids, Mich.

John Wonning is the new chief at Batesville, Ind.

John Gorum is chief at Deadwood, S. Dak.

Charles F. Robinson is fire chief at Moorestown, Pa.

New York’s firemen’s relief fund is in good condition.

Boston, England, has named its new fire engine Edward VII.

Frank Budd elected president of the Sharon, Pa., fire department.

Richard B. Tindall, former fire chief of Passaic, N. J., is dead.

The Toledo, Ohio, firemen think negroes make very poor firemen.

The salaries of the Minneapolis firemen will be raised $5 a month.

Dayton, Ohio, has added two combination wagons to its fire department.

The Bay City, Mich., fire department is handicapped from lack of men.

A second size Metropolitan fire engine was successfully tested at Norfolk, Va.

Civil service rules will probably obtain in the Wheeling, W. Va., fire department.

Red domed glass lamps at St. Louis, Mo., now show the location of the fire alarm boxes.

The Rex hook and ladder company of York, Pa., has just celebrated its fifteenth anniversary.

The new superintendent of police and fire alarm telegraph at Baltimore, Md., is James B. Yakle.

Mayor Harrison, of Chicago, has seen to it that the salaries of firemen hurt on duty are not cut.

A new fire company has been established on the hill at Columbus Junction, Ia., with Harry Owen as chief.

Thomas, Conn., has awarded the contract for a modern city truck to S. F. Hayward & Co., of New York.

Owing to its fire department being now up to the mark, a basis rate of fifty cents, instead of seventyfive, now rules.

As Cortland, N. Y., could not raise money enough the Central New York Volunteer Firemen’s convention cannot be held there.

If Fire Chief Harris of Tampa, Fla., is refused a raise in his salary he will remove to Columbia, S. C., to occupy a similar position there.

The Volunteer Firemen’s association of Central Pennsylvania will hold its next annual convention at Punxsutawney on August 25, 26.

Several young ladies joined in pouring champagne over the new combination chemical engine of the Rainbow fire company at Reading, Pa.

For the seventh time running Frank J. J. Connery has been elected chief of the New Castle, Pa., fire department, of which he has been a member since 1876.

The Northwestern Ohio Volunteer Firemen’s association will hold its twenty-ninth annual convention on June 18. Over sixty towns will be represented.

Outbreaks of incendiarism arc reported from Urbana and Champaign, Ill. The city council of the latter place has offered a reward for the arrest of the firebugs.

The 201 firemen of Indianapolis are kicking at being assessed thirty-five cents to pav an attorney for drawing an ordinance prescribing an increase in their pay.

The city council of Elizabeth, N. J., has awarded exempt badges to volunteer firemen who had served ten months before the disbandmentof the old fire department.

The Deadwood, S. Dak., Pioneer hook and ladder company will celebrate the first quarter century of its existence on June 24. This is the oldest fire company in the Black Hills.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week were given up by the people of Lonacoming, Md., to the one hundredth annual convention of the MaryLnd State Firemen’s association.

At Vineland, N. J., former Postmaster J. J. Hunt and W. S. Dungan have been elected to the board of fire commissioners, and the department was voted new hose and increased facilities.

By order of the commissioners of the sinking fund of New York city, a room on the main floor of the old village hall at Richmond Hill, Queens, New York, has been set apart for the firemen.

Chief Croker is to be sued for running over a hoy in Manhattan who got in his way as he was answering an alarm of fire in his automobile. The boy’s shoulder was dislocated. Damages laid at $10,000.

A fire association, to be known as the “West Cape May, N. J., Volunteer Fire Association,” has been organised in West Cape May. Thirty members are enrolled, and new fire apparatus has been purchased.

Friendship, N. Y., has a fire department of five companies and 125 members, under Chief F. J. Ross, a prosperous business man. He has held office for sixteen years. The department was organised in 1881.

Bessemer, Ala., has added a new hose wagon and two horses to its fire department, which is one of the best volunteer fire departments in the State. Its new chief is W. C. Masters; assistants, C. Fournier and E. Milroy.

The Rutan home, situated over two miles from Wichita, Kan., was struck by lightning and set on fire. The city’s fire department made a splendid run and saved the house from destruction. The owner sent a $25 check to the firemen.

The removal of William D. Moore, former deputy fire commissioner of Brooklyn, from the office of secretary at headquarters in that borough by Fire Commissioner Sturgis is thought to have so worked on him as to bring on a fatal attack of paralysis.

The Kentucky court of Appeals has decided that all legislative acts which attempt to fix or regulate the salary to be paid by the municipality to its firemen or other employes are unconstitutional. The decision affects every city in the commonwealth.

Within the last few days a false alarm of fire revealed the existence of an illicit still at Yonkers, N. Y., a most complete outfit. The bead of the gang, as is supposed, Henry Witt by name, was arrested shortly afterwards at 206 Clinton street, Manhattan.

A deputy chief for the district of the Bronx, New York, has long been a necessity. It has at last been recognised, and John T. Cashman, chief of the fourteenth battalion, who for several months has been acting in that capacity for the district in question, has been appointed as deputy chief of the new fire district. Chief Cashman joined the fire department of New York on October 17, 1866, and front that day till the present time has never had a single complaint made against him—his record, therefore, is second 10 none. He has risen from the ranks, passing through every grade with the highest credit to himself. As a deputy chief he will undoubtedly maintain the high reputation he has earned for himself, and will see to it that ample protection is afforded to the citizens of the Bronx. Towards that end a new two-story engine house is to be built at White Plains road and Julianna avenue, the cost of which, without equipment, will be $30,000.


Work aggregating about $600,000 for fire protection in hotels and theatres has recently been done in Manhattan, New York. This was ordered by Perez M. Stewart because of the general inspection of theatres which took place after the Park Avenue hotel fire.

Commissioner Sturgis, of the New York fire department, has suspended Patrick F. Ryan, chief of construction and repairs to apparatus, pending an investigation into the management of the Manhattan and Bronx repair shops. Other suspensions are looked for.

The board of representatives of the North Shore fire department of Richmond (S. I.), New York, has elected the following officers for the ensuing year: President, Thomas C. Brown; vicepresident, Robert Bailey; secretary, William Snedeker; treasurer, C. J. McCormack.

Kansas City, Mo., has contracted for 5,000 feet from the New York Belting and Packing company; 2,500 feet from the Eureka Fire Hose company, and 2,500 feet from the Chicago Fire Hose company. All of the prices were higher than those which have been paid in the past.

At Kansas City, M.O., the installation of the Gamewell system has been completed with the connection of all the fire houses in the city, and hereafter fire alarms will be transmitted over it Chief Operator Condon has tested the system and pronounces it in perfect working order.

The fifth annual convention of the Four County Firemen’s association, Carbon, Lehigh, Monroe, and Northampton, was held at Lehigh ton, Pa,, on June 6 and 7. In the parade were fifty companies of the association, besides visiting companies from New Jersey and Philadelphia.

As some of the State armories in New York city lack fire escapes—that of the Seventh regiment alone excepted, and others have not enough of exits, or have the doors opening inwardly, they have been reported to the armory board by the superintendent of building of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The chiefs of the fire departments of Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Covington, Paducah, and some of the smaller cities of Kentucky met in first annual convention at Lexington on June 5. The purpose of the convention is to discuss the best methods of handling fires and also to examine into the most approved apparatus.

The volunteer firemen of Far Rockaway, Queens, New York, have decided to bring an action against Comptroler Grout to compel him to turn over an appropriation of $1,200, granted by the board of estimate under Mayor Van Wyck for the extension and care of the electrical fire alarm. This money has been withheld from the firemen about two years.

A handsome new uniform from the establishment of Henderson & Co., Philadelphia, with all tiie regular equipments appertaining to it, has been presented to Charles H. Plain, the new chief engineer of the Warsaw, N. Y., fire department. The donors were the members of the Crystal hook and ladder company, who have also donned new uniforms of the Henderson make.

In forty seconds a Lexington, Ky., hose wagon made a fairly long run, stretched four lines of hose 200 feet long, attached tne nozzles, and carried the hose to the ton of sixty-foot ladders. One fireman reached the top in twelve seconds. The chemical engine made a run of 250 feet and the hose attached to it was carried to the top of the sixty foot ladder in twenty-six seconds.

When necessary, the firemen of New York city now detach one of the big searchlights front the engine, let loose a reel of insulated wire, and carry the .searchlight up alleys, which are illuminated by tiie current through the reeled off wire. A barrel and a soap box make an excellent pedestal for the light. With its aid the work in a dark alley or a cellar can he completed in a very few minutes.

The temporary absence of a competent watchman regularly employed for a mill, during which the mill is destroyed by fire, is held in McGannon vs. Michigan Millers’ Mut. F. Ins. company (Mich.) 54 L. R. A. 739, not to avoid a policy of insurance on the property, which stipulates that statements in the ap plication shall be a part of the contract, although in the application the insured agrees to keep a watchman on the premises at such times as that when the fire occurs.

At Valley City, N. Dak., the Firemen’s Slate association elected the following officers: F. E, Davis, Fargo, president; S. H. Hagen, Northwood, first vicepresident; George Cates, Park River, second vicepresident; John Carmody, Hillsboro, treasurer; II. L. Reade, Bismarck, secretary. The next meeting will be held at Wahpeton. William Simpson, of Mundan, the retiring president, was presented with a solid gold watch, and H. L. Reade, the secretary, received a gold watch and charm.

The London county council has assessed the fire insurance companies of the British metropolis for the maintenance of the Metropolitan fire brigade in the sum of $166,574.64 on $4,816,455,485, the gross amount insured, which is a contribution of $175 per million.

Firemen are scarce in Duluth—at least such as come up to the standard set by the civil service commission. Chief Black is short seven men, and there is not a name on the eligible list from which to make the appointments.

The number of calls at Talladega, Ala., last year was twenty-nine; number of fires, twenty-three; amount of property saved (estimated), $26,000; value of equipment, including horses, $3,150; value of building, $900; number of active firemen, (white and colored), thirty-four.

Chas. T. Holloway & Co., Baltimore, Md., have contract with Wilkes-Barre, Pa., for a combination chemical engine and hose wagon, With this in service, Wilkes-Barre will have five pieces of Holloway chemical apparatus.—Butler, Pa., is having built at the works ot the same company a book and ladder truck. This apparatus is to be very complete in its equipment and will be a valuable addition to its fire department.

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