Fire Photographers Conduct Seminar

Fire Photographers Conduct Seminar

Award-winning photographers are, front row, from left, William Eierman, Richard Haberstitch, Bill Eisner, Ralph Fox, Chuck Schmidt and Thomas Herman. Rear row, William Reynolds, Tony Urbanik, Albert Lewis, James Poterek and Thomas Lowe II.

Fifty-nine photographers from the United States and Canada were on hand for the 12th Annual Fire Photographers Seminar conducted by the International Fire Photographers Association, July 20 through 24 in Elmhurst, Ill.

Subjects covered at the seminar included basic camera techniques by James McDonald of Eastman Kodak; basic photography by Ralph Fox of GAF; “Getting Involved with Fire Safety” by Laura Buchbinder of the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration; fire investigation by Bill Coppock, L. W. Shaw & Associates; printing photos by Calumet Photo; slide shows and the use of filters and lights by the Chicago Fire Department Photo Unit; a training slide program by Captain Donald Lansu, Elmhurst Ill.; making slide programs by Fred Cload, Fermilab, and setting up a mutual aid photo unit by Wayne Wanshek, Broadview, Ill.

One evening was given over to a dealers’ showcase, with 14 dealers showing their wares and answering questions. The last evening featured the Awards Banquet when the winners of the annual photo contest were presented with their trophies.

The IFPA Man of the Year Award, presented by GAF and the IFPA, went to Richard Haberstich of Bloomingdale, Ill. Haberstich has been active for several years in the IFPA, conducting the photo contest for the seminars.

A special award for support and interest in the IFPA was presented to Chief James E. Samuelson of Elmhurst by the board of directors.

Lt. Joseph F. Benyo of Westland, Mich., was presented with a board of directors award for outstanding service over the last 10 years.

Next years conference will again be held in Elmhurst, Ill., in the latter part of July. Information on the seminar and the International Fire Photographers Association is available from William Reynolds, Executive Director, Box 201, Elmhurst, Ill. 60126.

President Ford Signs EMS/Burn Injury Act

President Ford signed into law on October 21 the Emergency Medical Services Amendments of 1976, which authorizes a $22.5 million burn injury demonstration program over the next three years.

The new legislation does not authorize specific numbers of burn care facilities or personnel. It is designed mainly to determine what types and amounts of federal support are needed to establish an effective, efficient program of burn care throughout the country. The act places responsibility for the burn program within HEW’s Division of Emergency Medical Services, in the Health Services Administration.

While the language of the burn injury section is quite general, it reflects close communication over the past year among Congress, HEW and the American Burn Association Further reinforcement of the basic intent of the act was provided by a recent report to Congress by an HEW task force on burn care, on which the Burn Foundation was represented.

Over the next few months, a monitoring committee with representatives from the public and private sectors will be established to help guide the new federal program. No grants or contracts under the program can be made until appropriation legislation passes, sometime after the new Congress convenes in January, and specific program guidelines are promulgated by the Secretary of HEW.

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