Fire-Police Squad

Fire-Police Squad

Six specially chosen volunteer firemen form the nucleus of a new type of service for Brighton, N. Y. The group is known as the Fire-Police Squad, and the members will clear traffic and prevent vandalism.

The group will protect apparatus and hose with fusees and lanterns while the apparatus is standing on the highway. They will direct traffic until relieved by the town police or deputy sheriffs. Men not needed for such work will report immediately to the fire-police officer in charge for assignment to other duties. The men must have a good knowledge of first aid work, so that they can take over resuscitation when firemen are needed for other tasks.

The squad was formed in February, 1936. The members are provided with white rubber coats, boots, police whistles, flash lights and special Fire-Police badges. They help protect a highly developed residential community of over 10,00 persons in Monroe County. H. H. Kingston, Jr., is Chief of the Fire-Police Squad, and Captain Roy Draper is next in command.


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