Fire Prevention and Prevention of Sickness in Canton

Fire Prevention and Prevention of Sickness in Canton

Chief R. O. Mesnar, Canton, O.

THIS article concerns the use of rubber hose, flexible lead pipe and wire-wound connections which are used for gas stoves, hot plates and other gas appliances instead of iron pipe. It deals with the effects produced by the use of such connections and explains the method I am using in my campaign against this practice, which I am now conducting in connection with my houseto-house inspection. This inspection includes every house and building in the city from cellar to attic and is conducted by myself and the members of the Fire Department. Enclosed is a photograph which comprises less than onethird of such connections that have so far been found by myself and inspectors.

Ban on Rubber Hose Connections for Gas Stoves, Etc.

Although there is a law in the State of Ohio, also an ordinance which makes it a misdemeanor to use rubber hose connections for gas stoves, hot plates and other gas appliances, and despite the fact that the East Ohio Gas Company issues a circular in which it states that service will be refused those people who persist in using rubber hose instead of iron pipe for the above purposes, many people in our city still continue to use rubber hose for attachment. It is also noticeable that it is not only the common cr poorer class of people who make a practice of this, but also our well-to-do people. Now it is also a fact that the gas in flowing through a rubber hose produces a chemical action which rapidly rots the rubber, thereby causing a leak which will fill a room or building with gas and which we all know will explode the moment someone enters with an open light or match, thereby causing a fire, injury and probable loss of life to those in or near the premises. I have on record in our department where whole families were burned and injured through an explosion of this kind, and in one instance the windows and doors were blown clear across the street. This occurred at a rooming house, several of the occupants being badly burned, one of whom died in terrible agony.

Small Pinholes at First Become Enlarged

When a rubber hose connection to a stove or hot plate first begins to leak, you will notice small pinholes in it which will gradually become larger and in time the hose will become so rotten that a child can tear it apart with the hands. Also in attaching a piece of hose to a stove or hot plate the hose is often split thereby, causing a leak. In my inspection of the city, which is now being conducted, I have found many such hose which, having been split, are tied with a string or even rags, which is very dangerous. In the foreign section of our city we find connections which are nothing more than fabric and which were originally taken from a turkish pipe used for smoking tobacco. We have even found hose which was taken from hot-water bottles and used for connections. I have also found a considerable number of flexible lead pipe connections and also wire-wound connections which are just as dangerous as rubber, therefore they also come under the ban. Concerning the flexible lead pipe, the continuous moving about of the stove attached thereto will bend said pipe and cause a leak in time. It is also known that in dwellings where leaky gas hose was found the children as well as the adults were sickly and had a pallor on their faces which was probably due to the above cause.

To File Affidavits Against Persistent Users

In my house-to-house inspection two years ago, thousands of rubber hose connections were found and confiscated and the people warned against their future use, as it is against the law as well as being dangerous, but I now find that in quite a few instances some of these same people have again purchased rubber and flexible lead hose and are using them. It is my intention to file affidavits against such people. I am now conducting another city-wide inspection in which every building in our city will be thoroughly gone over by the members of our department from cellar to attic, and all such improper connections found will be confiscated. If my inspectors are refused such connections, I will file affidavits against the people who refuse to give them up, and for the benefit of the people, I will state that the use of rubber hose and other improper connections to gas stoves, etc., will positively not be permitted any longer and violators of this law will be prosecuted.

Rubber Hose Connscated by Canton Fire Department
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