Fire Prevention Day Parade in New York

Fire Prevention Day Parade in New York

In connection with Fire Prevention Day exercises, the New York Fire Department held its annual fire prevention parade last Monday. A number of attractive floats had been fitted up to represent the causes and results of fires, and methods by which they could be prevented. The parade was led by the New York Fire Department band, and followed by fire apparatus and the floats. One of the very attractive floats was a large decorated fire truck carrying high school girls dressed as Roman soldiers, and displaying a large banner with the inscription, “Eduction Helps the City to Conquer Fire.” On another motor propelled high pressure hose wagon was a miniature factory depicted as if afire. The truck bore the following words: “Fire in Factories, Dwellings and other Buildings last year numbered more than 11,000 and burned up $5,-148,000 of your money. Clean up rubbish.” On a platform built over the body of a hose wagon was shown a pile of rubbish at the door of a room labelled “Work Room,” and by the garage stood a fire department inspector and a workman. The banner on this truck said: “There were 1,746 fires in factories last year. Bad housekeeping and carelessness caused them. Many deaths resulted. Clean up rubbish.” A hook and ladder truck carried long signs which read: “The Main Causes of Fires and Their Remedies are: Rubbish accumulation—clean up rubbish. Lit matches thrown away—be careful with matches; defective heating and chimney plans —overhaul them now; lighting cigars and cigarettes—smokers, please “Think Fire;” hot ashes—put them in metal receptacles; faulty electric wiring—overhaul your wires. By helping our fire crusade you are helping yourselves.” On a banner carried by one of the motor hose wagons were the following words: “Careless habits cause fire. New York Fire Department makes 100,000 fire inspections a month. Co-operate with us by reforming your habits.” Another hose wagon displayed the following: “Untidy cellars make many fires. An injustice to careful taxpayers to spend $7,000,000 a year for fires made by careless persons.” An Ahrens-Fox motor fire engine, one of the recent additions to the department, also added interest to the parade. Another big attraction was a hose wagon carrying a huge cigarette on which was inscribed “1300 fires last year.” A sign also stated that “Carelessness with cigarettes cost last year $90,301. causing 1,342 fires. Smokers please be careful.” Following this was another hose wagon on which was mounted a large highly colored picture of a hand, holding a flaming match. A placard on each side of the wagon stated that “Matches should be used, not abused. Careless abuse of matches caused 1,314 fires last year.” What, no doubt, attracted the most attention was a hose wagon on which was carried a large picture of a factory building with flames shooting out of all the windows and panicstricken girls leaping to the ground from a crowded fire escape. “Fire drills would prevent this,” said one of the signs on the wagon. “Unemployment and Fire Prevention; fires cost jobs. When the shop burns you are out of work. Think of this and don’t smoke cigarettes in the factory.” The next wagon in line had a novel display, consisting of three large paper bottles marked as benzine, gasoline and naptha containers, with the word “Danger” across the top in big red letters. A placard contained the following: “Women folks take notice: Last year you caused 510 fires, costing $206,000, by carelessness with benzine, gasoline and naptha in your homes. Clean up. but don’t blow up.” The Pyrene Manufacturing Company had in line a large motor truck on which the Pyrene Fire Guards gave interesting demonstrations of the effectiveness of the Pyrene extinguisher in putting out fires.

Fire Prevention Day Parade in New York City. Picture at Left Shows Several of the Wagons Which Participated.Centre Shows Crowd Viewing the Array Before the Start.At Right the Pyrene Truck, Which Gave Exhibitions.

By Staff Photographer.

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