Fire Prevention Exhibit at Fairs

Fire Prevention Exhibit at Fairs

Thirtv-four county fairs, grouped into five circuits, will display an interesting fire prevention exhibit sponsored by State Fire Marshal S. L. Legreid.

In the foreground on one side will be an ironing board through which a hole has been burned by an electric iron. The guilty iron will rest on the floor beneath the hoard with the cord extending up through the hole. A sign will bear the warning “Do not leave electric irons with the current turned on.”

On the opposite side will be a balance, in one scale pan of which will be represented a one gallon can of gasoline. In the other scale pan will he represented 86 pounds of dynamite, perfectly balancing the gallon of gasoline. A sign will convey the information that a gallon of_ gasoline vaporized has the potential power of 86 pounds of dynamite.

In the background will be a terse tabulation showing that 417 persons lost their lives through fire in Illinois last year and that the property loss is averaging $2,000,000 a month. The Fire Prevention Week slogan will set off the entire exhibit:

“To prevent fire is the personal responsibility of everyone. It should be taken seriously.”

The county fairs at which the exhibit will be shown started July 28 and will run until September 20.

Waverly, Ia., Working for Rural Apparatus—Funds are being raised around Waverly, la., for the purchase of rura! fire apparatus.

Rescue Company Formed in Kent, Ohio—A rescue squad headed by Assistant Chief Robert Clark has been formed in Kent, Ohio. A quantity of new equipment has been purchased, consisting of gas masks, inhalators and a rescue boat equipped with drag hooks and ropes. The squad will consist of eight men and will receive training from an Akron Fire Department instructor.

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