Fire Prevention Exposition Planned

Fire Prevention Exposition Planned

One of the outstanding features of Fire Prevention Week this year (October 8 to 13, inclusive) will be a great educational National Fire Prevention Exposition in New York City. The exposition will be participated in by many important organizations and will visualize to the public what is meant by an average fire loss of a thousand dollars per minute throughout the year. It will show that at least 80 per cent, of this destruction is totally unnecessary, that it constitutes a terrible drain on Hie resources of the Nation, that it costs the life of one person for every thirty-five minutes in the year and that it holds the menace of a possible conflagration over every community in the country, according to statements made after investigation by a Federal bureau.

Among the organizations which have already applied for space and which are planning interesting exhibits and demonstrations are: Underwriters’ Laboratories, National Asso-

ciation of Steel Furniture Manufacturers, National Automatic Sprinkler Association, and many individual concerns manufacturing fire extinguishers, fire doors, fire escapes, concrete products, wired glass, fire alarm and signalling systems, metal windows, laths, fire safe electrical goods and many other products which have been tested and approved for their fire safety and fire preventive qualities.

Mob Dispersed by Savannah, Ga., Firemen—During a recent riot in Savannah, Ga., when a mob of over two thousand men stormed the Chatham County jail to get a young negro, the riot call was sounded, ten strokes on the “Big Duke” at fire headquarters. Two motor pumpers and sixteen men under the direction of Assistant Chief Toshach were called into service and the mob was dispersed by four lines of high pressure streams. Most of the firemen in action were slightly bruised and cut by flying stones and sticks used by the mob. Chief Toshach and his men were complimented upon the way in which they handled the angry crowd.

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