Fire Prevention or a Box Call?

Fire Prevention or a Box Call?

Engine Co. No. 1, Kohler, Wis., Fire Department

Whenever you see a fire, no matter big or small,

Don’t hesitate a moment, to place a fire call,

Don’t get yourself excited, but simply use your head,

Run over to the corner, pull the box that’s painted red.

Stay at the box by all means, to let the firemen know,

Just where the fire’s burning, and tell them where to go,

‘Cause every minute wasted, when on a fire run.

Gives fire much more headway, and lots more damage done.

The little box on the corner, painted up so bright and red. Would be of little use, dear folks. If we would use our head. When we see a Are hazard, let’s lick It on the spot,

‘Cause that’s the time to fight It, folks—not when It gets too hot!

It sure may save a life or two, and isn’t It worth while

To Prevent the Fire hazards, and get rid of the rubbish pile?

Every time you see a fire truck come speeding down the street,

It’s because someone was careless, or didn’t keep things neat.

So let’s plug for Fire Prevention, and keep plugging good and strong.

Then we’ll keep the fire engines in the stations where they belong.

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