Fire Prevention Programs

Fire Prevention Programs

Since the September issue of FIRE ENGINEERING, there has been published in each issue, brief accounts of how various fire departments observe Fire Prevention Week. This installment concludes the series.

New Albany, Ind. George W. Henen, Chief

Our piogram for Fire Prevention Week will consist of a thorough inspection of all business houses, stores, factories. schools, institutions. Placards, literature and newspaper articles will be published a few days before October 8 and will continue throughout the week in an endeavor to make the city fire conscious.

Louisville, Ky. Edward A. McHugh, Chief

The Fire Prevention Week Committee of our city met on September 1 to lay plans for the 1939 Fire Prevention Week.

We contemplate having uniformed firemen present talks at the schools and at luncheon clubs and having radio talks by club presidents. There will be window displays. We expect to have banners on fire apparatus which will tour the city. Announcement will be made at church assemblies and on regular Sunday bulletins.

Uniformed firemen will make inspections of the homes in our city. Inspections of industrial plants will be made by regular fire inspectors. There will be fire prevention trailers in theatres and demonstrations in city parks. Posters and inspection data will be distributed to mercantile houses: 100,000 fire prevention pamphlets are to be distributed by Boy Scouts. Fire prevention talks and demonstrations will be made at Scout meetings. One period each day during Fire Prevention Week will be set aside at all schools, at which time fire prevention will be discussed. Inspections of all schools will be made and fire drills held.

Kenkakee, III. Roy W. Marquart, Chief

We do observe Fire Prevention Week. The local papers cooperate and we have articles on this subject during the week. We also make inspections of all factories, business houses and have fire drills at all schools, public and parochial, although we make quarterly inspections of these during the entire year.

Porfland, Ore. Fred W. Roberts, Fire Marshal

Portland will observe Fire Prevention Week this year. Preliminary meetings were held during August with the Fire Wastes Committee and the Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Posters, placards and stuffers, as well as correspondence stickers have been ordered from the National Roard of Fire Underwriters and the National Fire Protection Association. Leaflets have been printed for distribution to all homes by Firemen and Boy Scouts.

A proclamation setting aside the week of October 9 as Fire Prevention Week will be made by the Governor and the Mayor. There will be a fire prevention parade.

Letters will be sent to all city editors, churches, civic and community clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, women’s clubs, etc., requesting cooperation and arranging date for fire prevention talks at meetings and luncheons.

Joplin, Mo., Augments Its Fire Department Strength with Four New Units Pictured before Headquarters No. 1 of the Fire Department of Joplin, Mo., are four new Mack pumpers the most recent addition to the fire fighting forces in service for this community, Each cab is capable of seating a three-man crew. Three of the units are Type 75s and have pump capacities of 750 gallons per minite, the fourth being a Type 50 with a 500-gallon per minite pump capacity.

Spot announcements will be made over the radio. Fire playlets and talks will be given.

Large stores will be contacted for window displays.

Grade school talks will be made by firemen and home fire hazard charts will be distributed to pupils in all city schools. School fire marshal badges will be presented.

An oratorical contest will be conducted in all public high schools with $275.00 in cash prizes. The State Fire Marshal’s medal for conspicuous bravery or meritorious acts in saving life or property will be presented.

There will be street displays and stunts by members of the fire department drill team.

Free literature will be distributed.

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