Fire Prevention Week, 1925: Be a Hero, Not a Nero

Citing the loss of 15,000 lives and more than $548 million (about $6.37 billion today) in property, President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed the first Fire Prevention Week. The proclamation declared, “The prevention of fires is a most practical form of national economy.”

Looking Forward to Fire Prevention Week, (Fire and Water Engineering, August 19, 1925, PDF, 5.5 MB), offers some tips on giving talks to schoolchildren as well as to civic organizations, advising not to omit religious leaders in their efforts. The skills needed for fire inspection personnel were the subject of the September 20 editorial, “Acquiring the Art of Fire Inspection” (PDF, 5.7 MB).  In the same issue, “How to Make Fire Prevention Propaganda Count,” (488 KB) offered some tips on reaching specific audiences such as schoolchildren, factory workers, and foreign residents, as well as enlisting the clergy in the effort and putting on exhibitions. In “The ABC’s of Fire Prevention,” the reader has to provide the final word in each rhyme. Finally “Some Snappy Slogans for Fire Prevention Week” were offered in the September 23, 1925, edition (158 KB).



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