Fire Prevention Week Awards Made

Fire Prevention Week Awards Made

The International Committee of Judges, appointed to review the reports, submitted to T. A. Fleming, Chairman of the Fire Prevention and Clean-up Campaign Committee of the National Fire Protection Association, issued its list of winners recently.

The following cities were given merit awards by the judges for having final ratings of ninety per cent and over, and are given in the order of their final grades:

Cleveland, Ohio

Memphis, Tenn.

Jersey City, N. J.

Wichita. Kan.

Port Collins. Col.

Hartford. Conn.

Milwaukee. Wis.

Prescott. Ariz.

Boston, Mass.

lAkewood, Ohio

New Haven. Conn.

Philadelphia. Pa.

Roanoke, Va.

Los Angeles, Cal.

Abilene. Tex.

Ridgewood. N. J

Providence, R. I.

St. Louis. Mo.

Concord. N. H.

Parkersb’rg, W.Va.

Newark, N. J.

Salisbury, N. Car.

Spokane, Wash.

Seattle, wash.

Atlanta, Ga.

Colfax, Wash.

louisville, Ky.

Pittsfield, Mass.

Stillwater, Okla.

North Platte, Neb.

Valley City, N. D.

Schenectady, N. Y

Bristown, Okla.

Fort Wayne, Ind.

Portland, Me.

Camden, Me.

Anderson, Ind.

Camden, N. J.

Portland. Ore.

Bethlehem. Pa.

El Paso, Texas

A list of the winning cities in each state receiving first, second, or third position, or honorable mention was also included in the report.

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