Fire Products of Vorhees Rubber Mfg. Co.

Fire Products of Vorhees Rubber Mfg. Co.

Exposition of a commendable line of fire supplies is made in an attractive booklet recently issued by the Vorhees Rubber Manufacturing Company, of Jersey City, N. J. An experience of thirty-five years vouches for the merit of its product. This company supplements a complete line of rubber and cotton fire hose, chemical and wash hose, with standard fittings such as play pipes, spanners, couplings, landing mats, valves, packings, etc.

With “Conqueror” and “Contest” covering the rubber hose field, a dozen V. R. M. brands of cotton hose give wide range for individual choice in the matter of weave and weight. All are of uniform excellence in material and construction according to the general verdict of users. Double jacket hose is, of course, the foundation of the line, hut single and triple covered hose is also made. The former is favqred by small departments, while the latter is built for high pressure city service. The company is also prepared to supply hose for special purposes, such as factory use, suction hose for contractors, etc. The pamphlet is gotten up attractively, with many illustrations, and is worthy the attention of any department in need of supplies along this line.

The report of the West Virginia state fire marshal for October shows the reported loss to be $93,425, of which nearly one-fourth was caused by fires of supposed incendiary origin.

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