Fire Proof Material.

Fire Proof Material.


[From the New York Weekly Tribune, Oct. 31, 1877.]

There is probably no article of manufacture so universally needed as a reliable low-priced roofing, which can be readily applied without the aid of skilled labor, and in no other direction has so great a want been so inefficiently supplied. The results of experiments with felt, cements and other compositions containing coal-tar, resin, petroleum and other cheap oils, have so far been anything but satisfactory. Numerous so-called “cheap-roofings” have been produced within the past twenty years, which have been extensively advertised, used and found worthless. In view of these facts, we are glad to be able to speak favorably of an article which we have tested and found reliable. We refer to H. W. Johns’ Patent Asbestos roofing, the manufacturers of which make no extravagant representatations, but claim it to be an economical substitute for the more expensive kinds of roofing ; and from our experience and careful inquiry we believe their claims are well founded. The roof of the Tribune building has been covered with this roofing tor some seven or eight years, and we find it in every respect satisfactory. We have recently had our roof coated with Mr. Johns’ White Asbestos Fireproof Coating, which not only forms a very handsome surface, but renders the upper rooms much cooler in summer, and will undoubtedly, as is claimed, add greatly to the durablility of the roof.

This roofing is prepared ready for use, can be easily applied by unskilled workmen, is adapted for steep or flat roofs in all cl imates, and costs only about half as much as tin.

Samples, illustrated catalogues, price-lists, and any desired information can be obtained from the H. W. Johns Manufacturing Co., patentees and sole manufacturers, 87 Maiden Lane, New York. This company have recently completed a new manufactory, the most extensive works of the kind in the world, and have reduced their prices 10 a basis which place their goods within the reach of every one. They also manufacture liquid paints, in a variety of newest shades and standard colors, which are guaranteed to be free from alkalias, water or other deleterious adulterations or dilutions, and , equal to any for general purposes, while for outside work they are claimed to be the most durable paints in use. The covering properties of these paints excel all others, two coats forming a body equal to three of any others.

In body and richness of color, the Asbestos Paints surpass any we have ever seen. This company also manufacture a strictly fireproof paint, costing only seventy-five cents per gallon, for the protection of inside wood-work of factories, bridges and other structures against fire. Roof paint, possessing elastic qualiiies never before attained in any similar article, used with success where all others failed upon the Centennial Building, the largest area of tin roof in the world. We can also speak from experience in regard to other important and valuable appliances, manufactured by this company. We refer to their Asbestos Steam Pipe and Boiler Coverings, which can be seen by those interested upon the boilers and pipes in the new Tribune building. These non-conducting cover ings are made upon entirety new principles, by which very nearly all radiation of heat is prevented, and a saving of from 20 to 30 per cent of fuel is effected.

Want of space prevents our referring lo other valuable inventions of Mr. Johns, comprising steam packing, sheathings, linings, fire, acid and water proof coatings, cements, &c., all of which are sirictly first-class articles of superior quality, and can be relied upon as being in every respect as represented. They are indorsed by the most prominent merchants, manufacturers, railroad companies, and others in all parts of the country, who have them in use, and we advise our readers before purchasing to send for samples of these articles and compare them with all others. Our information and belief in regard to these materials have been verified by testimonials from many wellknown business houses throughout the country.

We are pleased to add that the contract for supplying paints for the Gilbert Elevated Railroad of New York City has been awarded to the II. W. Johns ManufacturingCompany. This is the largest paint contract ever awarded for painting any single structure in the WORLD.-ED. FIREMAN’S JOURNAL.

—San Francisco has just been provided with a new steam fire tug at a cost of $30,000. The tug is 86 feet in length, 19 feet in breadth, and 10 feet in depth. She has two 18-inch stroke engines, equal to about 150 horse-power, can play six streams of water simultaneously, carries 1,200 feet of 2⅛ inch spider hose, together with axes, pipes, nozzles of various kinds and sizes, and other apparatus likely to be required. There are also two Hooker pumps, one water, the other steam, each having a stroke of two feet. These pumps are equivalent to half a dozen ordinary fire engines in power, and may be used to j supply them with water at a distance when neces| sary, having the capacity, by coupling together i sufficient hose, to give a good stream to each, j or they may be turned to good advantage in pumpj ing out a leaky ship or steamer.

—The names of the Firemen who were burnt to death by the collapse of the Windsor Hotel, in Cobourg, Ont., when on fire on the 25th ultimo, are Charles Patterson, James Forrest and George Stevenson. There were three others who were rescued from the burning debris in time to save their lives, as it was thought, but one of this number, a man named Grieves now lies at the point of death. It is said that strong men wept in sympathy with the bereaved, heart-stricken families of the deceased, and threats of vengeance were showered against the incendiary who originated the fire.

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