Fire Protection at Salina Cantonment

Fire Protection at Salina Cantonment

A far larger fire department than the town in which the cantonment is located has, is being set up at the Triangular Cantonment in Kansas, where many hundreds of frame buildings call for the utmost in vigilance and fire fighting efficiency.

Station No. 1 is now completed, equipped and manned and work is going ahead on the four others which are needed to protect this training center. Each of the stations will have a 750-gallon pumper and a 500-gallon pumper. Sixteen men will be on duty at each station.

Fire Chief for the cantonment is J. A. Perry, formerly Fire Chief at Camp Crowder, near Neosho, Mo., who was a member of the Kansas City Fire Department for twelve years. He was a captain for four years at Kansas City.

In addition to its efficient equipment, the cantonment fire department will have approximately a thousand call boxes distributed over the 3,000 acre building area in such a fashion that a person wanting to turn in a fire alarm will never have to travel more than 500 feet to reach a call box. There will also be an automatic recorder, so that memory will not have to be trusted in time of excitement. In addition to these precautions, the hospital area will have an automatic sprinkler system.

Personnel of Station No. 1 of the Salina Triangular Cantonment Fire Department Chief J. A. Perry is fourth from the right. The girl in the picture is Rachael Young, Secretary to to Chief Perry.

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