Fire Protection at the Norfolk Navy Yard

Fire Protection at the Norfolk Navy Yard

Additional fire fighting equipment recently received by the Norfolk Navy Yard Fire Department entitles the organization there to rank with those of some large Virginia cities in property protection from flames. This new equipment includes an aerial truck and two high-speed pumpers.

The 100-Foot Aluminum Alloy Aerial Ladder Just Received by the Yard This is the only aerial ladder of its size in Virginia.

Powerful and efficient as any of its type now in service in the country, this new equipment assures the Yard, with its great war-speed industrial plants and valuable ships tied up for repairs, of far better protection from fire loss than it has ever had before. It also adds considerably to the fire fighting facilities in this section that would be called into service if a big conflagration broke out.

Including the additional fire fighting strength given to the Yard station by the new equipment, the total amount of apparatus on call is one 200-horsepower aerial truck, three 1,000-gallon pumpers, one city service truck which carries about 200 feet of ground ladders in sections, and one combination hose wagon equipped with floodlights and foamite powder for oil fires, and which also carries 1,500 feet of standard-type hose.

The Norfolk Navy Yard Fire Department Lined Up Before Its New Equipment On the left is Chief Waverly B. Sykes, and on the extreme right is Assistant Fire Chief W. T. Jewell

There are at present seventy-six men in the Fire Department under Fire Chief Waverly B. Svkes and Assistant Fire Chief W. T. Jewell. The unit is under the Operations Department, and that division comes under the direct supervision of Captain B. V. McCandiish, U. S. N., Captain of the Yard.

Two auxiliary stations arc to he established in the Yard within a short time, and another is expected to be organized in St. Helena when that section of the Yard begins to assume form.

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