Fire Protection Meeting at Atlantic City

Fire Protection Meeting at Atlantic City

The twenty-sixth annual meeting of the National Fire Protection Association is to be held at Chalfonte-Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, N. J., May 9, 10 and 11. Interest already manifested indicates an exceptionally large attendance this year. There has been no lag in the activity of the association in technical research or evolution of its regulations for safeguarding the hazards of industry, and a considerable number of committees will submit important revisions of standards this year to keep step with changes in industrial processes. In recent years the membership of the association has extended materially into the ranks of all forms of industry as the importance of possessing Fire Prevention information has been increasingly realized by those having life or property to protect. The annual meeting of the association is an open forum in which every member has a vote and the privilege of discussing all subjects, technical and non-technical, which come before the organization at that time. The program of the meeting will be mailed to the membership in April.

The nominating committee of the National Fire Protection Association has reported the following names for officers and committees of the association, to be voted upon at the coming meeting at Atlantic City, N. J., on May 9 to 11;

For president; Mr. H. O. Lacount, Boston, Mass.

For first vice-president: Mr. Rudolph F. Miller, New York.

For second vice-president; Mr. Dana Pierce, New York.

For secretary-treasurer: Mr. Franklin H. Wentworth, Boston,

For chairman of executive committee: Mr. A. T. Bell, Atlantic City, N. J.

For executive committee (for three years): Mr. J. T. Banash, Chicago; Mr. Geo. W. Booth, New York; Mr. A. M. Schoen, Atlanta; Mr. H. V. Thayer, Boston: Mr. Louis Wiederhold, Jr. Philadelphia. (For two years): Mr. W. F. Ballinger, Philadelphia, Mr. Richard E. Schmidt. Chicago.

For nominating committee (1923). Three members: Mr. John H. Kenney, Baltimore, chairman; Mr. E. P. Boone, New York; Mr. E. P. Heaton, Toronto.

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