Fire Blog Roundup: Fire Inspections, Change Agents, and Stress

Frank Viscuso returns to share some thoughts about fire department change and leadership.

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Frank Viscuso

Frustration and Desperation

“I’m am a newly promoted officer and I want to make some changes but I am encountering a lot of resistance, what should I do?” Frank Viscuso takes a shot at this recurring question.

Mark Lamplugh

Going 0-100 Daily Will Take its Toll On Any Firefighter

When you’re racked out in your bunk one moment and inside a burning structure the next, it’s unavoidable that there will be a mental toll. Mark Lamplugh on managing the highs and lows of the job.

The First Twenty

Bring Your Best in 2017

We have complete control over the mindset we choose to have on any given day, writes John Spera. it’s up to us to create the mindset required to create the outcomes we desire.


Mark Cotter argues that, just like firefighting tools, fire tactics undergo refinements and improvements.

Billy Greenwood

Turning Your Down-Time Positive

Billy Greenwood on how building familiarization can help your crews.


Inspection Liability

Is your department performing inspections in your respective jurisdiction and under what law, ordinance, policy or assumed responsibly provides the reason and authority to conduct these inspections? John K. Murphy takes on the legal angles.

David Polikoff

Don’t Skimp on Checking for Extension

David Polikoff on taking a six-sided approach.

AB Turenne

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

AB Turenne on adapting innovative techniques to your department.

Chris Langlois

Dr. King and the Power of a Vision

Leadership has nothing to do with title, position, or power. Rather real leadership is about caring for and inspiring others to achieve greatness, Chris Langlois writes.


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