Fire Blog Roundup: Radios, Hoses and Nozzles, and Micromanaging

Our roundup of recent commentaries on the Fire Engineering Training Community includes Doug Mitchell on radio training, Ricky Riley on driver training, and Benjamin Martin on micromanaging, among other subjects.

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Doug Mitchell

…Clear, Concise and Consistent

When was the last class or training that you received on radio usage? Read more from Doug Mitchell. 

John Lovato Jr.

A Culture That Works

A culture that works is one that has the right attitude and has the discipline to do what’s right, writes John Lovato Jr.

Benjamin Martin

Micromanaging vs. Leading

Are your control issues damaging morale? Read a new commentary from Benjamin Martin.    

David Polikoff

Rank vs. Respect

Respect is earned and not given, writes David Polikoff.    

Divisions and Distractions

Mark Cotter comments on the fallout from discussing hot-button issues in the fire service.

Ricky Riley

Are You A ‘Truck Driver,’ Or Do You Just Drive the Truck?

Ricky Riley discusses techniques and training options for developing proficiency for truck drivers in the fire service.


Robert Owens

Teaching the Working Length

The working length of hose is critical when it comes to an engine company’s ability to rapidly extinguish a fire. Read more from Robert Owens. .

Clay Magee

Standpipe Ops: Hose and Nozzle Selection

Clay Magee delves into some of the technical details about weapon selection for standpipe operations.


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