Fire Blog Roundup: Door Control, Team Building, and Quints

In this roundup, our featured contributors offer some thoughts on leadership and team building, Mayday training, and much more.

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AB Turenne

Door Control and the Spring Clamp

AB Turenne discusses a door control method that can be used for either search and rescue efforts or fire suppression.

Jason Hoevelmann

Considerations for the Quint Company Officer

Jason Hoevelmann has a few items for any company officer on a quint to consider and understand when operating on a quint.

Challenge of Leadership

“All that glitters is not gold.” John K. Murphy looks at how these words of Shakespeare applies to leadership in the fire service.


Mike DeVirgilioPromotional Exam–What?

What exactly is the definition of a good and effective leader? Mike DeVirgilio comments on the task of running a promotional exam.


John Lovato JrGood vs. Great

Where do you fall along the spectrum? John Lovato Jr. talks about minimum standards in the fire service.


Joe Pronesti

Practice for Your Mayday

Joe Pronesti on the value of using simulations and video in training.

Brian Ward

Barn Boss Leadership on Team Building

How often do we actually train on performing as a team? Read more from Brian Ward.

Jason Hoevelmann

Leaders Build Teams

The stronger and more effective the team, the more likely that the leader is doing their job, writes Jason Hoevelmann.

Billy Greenwood

The Go/No Go Concept of Interior Benchmarking

“Interior benchmarking” for greater firefighter situational awareness can assist us when we are caught in a bad situation, Billy Greenwood writes.

Chris Langlois

Maintaining a Mission-First Fire Service Culture

Do your people know what the mission is, and do they focus on that mission in everything they do? Read more from Chris Langlois.


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