Fire Blog Roundup: Saving Lives, Coming Home, and Firefighter Marriage

Along with our usual lineup of commentators talking about fire suppression and related topics, Mark Lamplugh joins us this month to write about expectations when it comes to marriage, and Art Goodrich shares some thoughts about winters past.

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Doug Mitchell

We Save Lives

“An average of 2,000 lives are lost in residential building fires each year.” Doug Mitchell shares some sobering stats and discusses search.

Coming Home

Show some creativity with more “Coming Home” drills and focus training on LODD reports that detail our failures and how not to become a statistic, writes Warren Cersley.

The First Twenty

Developing a Firefighter Workout

Firefighter fitness is vital to our performance and longevity. Writing for The First Twenty, Jordan Ponder has some tips on developing your program.

Art Goodrich

Snow, Hills, and Physics

Art Goodrich shares some childhood memories and pauses to remember a simpler, innocent time in life.

Thinking Firefighters – Intelligent Choices

Mark Cotter comments on the challenges and opportunities provided by our understanding of the modern fireground.

Samuel Villani

The BDA and the VRS

You may have heard of a Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) and a Vehicle Repeater System (VRS). But what exactly are they and why are they valuable? Read more from Sam Villani.

Mark Lamplugh

I Just Married a Firefighter: What Should I Know?

Mark Lamplugh has some perspective for the new firefighter spouse.

David DeStefano

Expect Fire

“I would rather anticipate a fire 1,000 times and not have one than be surprised once.” Read more from David DeStefano.

Billy Greenwood

Extreme Leadership

Developing tomorrow’s leaders today is the key to progressive organizational behavior. Read more from Billy Greenwood.


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