Fire Blog Roundup: Interior vs. Exterior, Attack vs. Search, and Legal Issues

Eddie Buchanan addressed the issue of debates in the fire service in a new commentary this week. Among the other contributors we also have John K. Murphy’s look back at some of the legal problems ensnaring members of the fire service this past year, and Grant Schwalbe on fireground priorities.

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Legal Issues in Review

John K. Murphy has a roundup of the legal issues firefighters and departments faced in 2016.


Eddie Buchanan

Interior vs. Exterior, Combat, and Other Stuff

Eddie Buchanan says we shouldn’t become so fixated on fire service debates that we miss the fact that we must master all available options to prevail on the fireground.

Mark Lamplugh

Firefighter Down from Suicide

Mark Lamplugh has some advice and resources for those confronting the issue.

Dave McGlynn

Quality vs. Quantity

In this life, we don’t have the quantity, but it’s what we do with our time that determines whether or not it’s quality, writes Dave McGlynn.

Freddie Batista

Flipped Learning vs. Traditional Learning

The flipped learning model enables instructors to enhance the classroom experience with less lecturing and more hands-on activity, writes Freddie Batista.

Brian Ward

Leadership Lessons from Lt. General Hal Moore

How does a small-town gentleman rise to be one of the most decorated military figures in history? Brian Ward takes a look.

Grant Schwalbe

Attack or Search?

Which do you prioritize on the fireground? Grant Schwalbe has some considerations.

Mike DeVirgilio


Mike DeVirgilio on awareness of one’s own thought processes and how they affect fireground decision making.

David DeStefano

No Half-Measures

“If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” David DeStefano on avoiding half-measures on the fireground.

John Lovato Jr.

Succession Training at Every Level

John Lovato Jr. discusses formal and informal succession planning with intent-based leadership.



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