Fire Blog Roundup: Honesty, Primary Search, and Size-Up

Among this week’s contributions, Chad Menard discusses an approach to size-up on the fireground, Joe Kitchen weighs in on the importance of honesty, and more.

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Mark Lamplugh

The Veteran Firefighter and PTSD

Mark Lamplugh addresses the issue of PTSD amongst veterans serving as firefighters and what to do if you feel you are showing symptoms.

David Polikoff

All-Hazard Duties

Today’s fire service is called upon to more and more, and as our responsibilities grow our knowledge base has to grow as well, David Polikoff writes.  

Chad Menard

The Life-Fire-Layout Size-Up

Chad Menard on a size-up model that takes into account the potential for rescue priorities.

Joseph Kitchen

Honesty in the Fire Service

In the fire service the relationships that we develop with our coworkers are one of the most valuable assets we can have, writes Joe Kitchen.

Benjamin Martin

Confronting the Loudest Voice in the Room

Benjamin Martin comments on how to deal with that internal critic and leadership issues for the fire officer.  

Billy Greenwood

Searching in Modern Times

Billy Greenwood on how the TIC and the use of victim profiling can potentially expedite the primary search.

John Lovato Jr.

Positive vs. Negative

John Lovato Jr. on how the positive-dynamic works regarding feedback and teaching.

Grant Schwalbe

Down Firefighter PPE Removal

Grant Schwalbe on training on saving our own.

David DeStefano

Timely Plans or Perfect Plans?

David DeStefano on how a quote from General George Patton applies to fireground operations.


Upstairs with Mr. Bibbs

Warren Cersley on an inspirational fire department figure and how he changed lives.


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