Fire Blog Roundup: Preconnects, Leaderless Environs, and Checking the Roof

Check out a roundup of recent posts from our featured contributors, including John K. Murphy on filling the leadership vacuum and Adam Hansen on training recruits on checking the roof.

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Needed Changes

Mark Cotter on the mindset of modern fire attack proponents when it comes to tactical rules.


David Polikoff

New Officer. Help Wanted.

As officers, how do you prepare your firefighters to become officers? More from David Polikoff.  


Surviving in a Leaderless Environment

Can anyone step up to the plate and make a difference in a “leaderless” environment? John K. Murphy offers some perspective.


Mark Cotter discusses favorite attack hoseline setups and comments on not falling into complacency.


I Can’t Have Cancer, I’m Way Too Busy!

Ron Kanterman on dealing with a difficult new reality.

A.J. Hansen


Check the Roof

When the incident commander gives the order to “check the roof” on a commercial building with nothing showing, what exactly are we looking for? Adam Hansen has some thoughts for new recruits.

Dan Kerrigan

Why Bother?

Is it okay to avoid maintaining your health and wellness because you may suffer a tragic health event anyway? Dan Kerrigan on the results of our general failure to take action on improving firefighters’ health and fitness for duty.

David Polikoff

The Hard Part of the Job

Sometimes an officer’s job is hard, but, writes David Polikoff, we have to take care of problems and not merely pass the buck.   


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