Fire Commentary Roundup: Bullies, Egos, and High-Rise Fires

In case you missed it, check out a recent roundup of some posts from our contributors in March 2019.

Billy Greenwood

Bully-Type Behaviors

Billy Greenwood discusses one of the most challenging leadership encounters: dealing with firehouse bullies.

Andrew Sauder

Toxic Ego

A new generation of leaders must continue carrying on the core values and mission of the fire service, argues Andrew Sauder.


Billy Greenwood

Dealing With A ‘Less Than Desirable’ Firehouse Culture

Billy Greenwood offers a preview of his FDIC International 2019 classroom and 10 tips to fix a dysfunctional fire department culture.

Nick Salameh

Leave It Better

Within the fire service, each of us has a duty and responsibility to leave the service better than when we came in. Read more from Nick Salameh. 

High-Rise Fires: Tips for the First-Due Engine

It’s clear that high-rise fires offer a special set of circumstances and challenges that firefighter will have to overcome and be prepared for. Read more from Jarrod Sergi. 


Mark Lamplugh

The Fallen Hero

Mark Lamplugh touches on the look of a firefighter who is struggling.

Cody Tweedy

Triage for Marriage

Marital problems and divorce are big problems in the fire service, and this stems from a host of reasons. Cody Tweedy looks at some of them and suggests possible solutions. 

J. Bonfield

The 5 ‘F’s of Delegation

Although delegation is an essential skill for anyone responsible for multiple tasks and projects, it is not always understood. Troy J. Bonfield offers his thoughts on the subject.    

Chris Baker

Firefighter Mentorship

Chris Baker focuses on how fire service personnel of all positions can positively benefit from mentorship. 

John Buttrick

Go to a Fire Every Day

Even if you don’t work for the busiest department, allow yourself to mentally prepare by getting immersed in the job, writes John Buttrick.


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