Fire Commentary Roundup: Passion, Rotary Saws, and Legal Firestorms

Read some recent commentary from select contributors, including a post on resource-based response systems from new contributor Nathan Lindgren.

Scott Ferguson

More Than Wild Hogs: Rest in Peace, Malibu

Scott Ferguson tells the story of Vince “Malibu” Rodgers, and talks about how it underscores the need to find some form of balance to offset the cumulative stress that comes with being a firefighter.

Nathan Lindgren

The Need for Resource-Based Emergency Response Systems

Time is of the essence on emergency scenes, and without a resource-based emergency response system, there is no telling what units and equipment will be available, says Nathan Lindgren.

Benjamin Martin

Cowardice from the Cheap Seats

Some people think the only way they can have credibility is if they destroy it first in others. Benjamin Martin on how those advancing their knowledge of the craft can deal with such critics.    

Billy Greenwood

Hardship Is the Price of Success

John Lightly writes that life can be a struggle, but success hinges on how you face up to those struggles.

Turning Around an Aircraft Carrier

The fire service is making progress on firefighter safety and health issues, but it takes time and deliberate action, says Ron Kanterman, like turning around an aircraft carrier.    

Chris Langlois

Emergency Response, Management, and Leadership

One of the main jobs of a leader is to create more leaders. In addition to delegating authority, trusting, and supporting them, you must also train them, writes Chris Langlois.

Clay Magee

K-12: Inboard and Outward

Clay Magee offers some musings on saw configurations.

Andrew Zisk

A Letter to America’s Fire Officers

The good, bad, and ugly of your company starts with you, says Andrew Zysk.

Dena Ali

The Crisis Card We all Should Have

When you feel like you have no way out, and you are in crisis, remember it is not permanent. Dena Ali suggests creating a crisis card to help with such moments.

Dave McGlynn

Good Things Are Hard, But Hard Things Are Great

It’s the difficult things that often prove most worthwhile. Dave McGlynn shares some perspective from a mentor. 

Andrew Hieronimus

Everything About the Passion

The fire service is more than a job—it’s a calling, and passion is critical. Yet we need to remember not to love the job so much that you miss those right in front of you, writes Andrew Hieronimus.

John K. Murphy

Avoiding a Legal Firestorm

When is it time for a fire chief to call in an experienced attorney to deal with department legal matters? John K. Murphy offers some thoughts.


Nick Salameh

Warehouse-size Structure Fires

Nick Salameh reviews a recent video and discusses tactical considerations for warehouse fires. 

Mark Lamplugh

The Value of Peer Support

Mark Lamplugh discusses the need for peer support when it comes to addressing PTSD among firefighters.

Thank You, Chief Havel

Adam Hansen meditates on the legacy of the late Greg Havel, who stressed the need for firefighters to understand building construction.


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