Fire Commentary Roundup: Followership, The Can, and Station Pride

Read some recent commentary pieces from our contributors, including posts from Ron Kanterman, Clay Magee, and more.

John Lightly

Break the Cycle

Even positive cycles need to be tweaked from time to time to ensure that we are truly getting the best return on our investment of time, writes John Lightly.

AB Turenne

Health Assessment: Are You a Help or a Hindrance?

There are many elements of the job that we have 100-percent control over and our health (and attitude) is one of them, writes AB Turenne.

Clay Magee

The Can: How to Fill It

Clay Magee writes about a valuable piece of equipment on the truck.

Nick Salameh

VEIS, Not Limited To Windows

Nick Salameh on being proficient when it comes to vent-enter-isolate-search operations. 

AB Turenne

Station Pride, Finding Identity, and Ownership

When a firefighter identifies with and belongs to a specific group, he or she is more likely to put forth a greater effort with aspects of their job functions, writes AB Turenne.

Ron Kanterman

Safety Doesn’t Take the Summer Off

Too many firefighters that have gotten seriously injured or worse when on their own time. Ron Kanterman has some tips on staying healthy while off duty.

John K. Murphy

Good Followers Enable Good Leaders

John K. Murphy looks at the art of Followership and the characteristics of followers that can help leaders—and teams—succeed.


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