Fire Safeguards for Cotton Mills

Fire Safeguards for Cotton Mills


In an article in the Aetna, Davis Van Schaack points out some of the sources of danger to employes in cotton mills, and gives some instructions that if followed would serve to reduce the number of accidents. Mr. Van Schaack says in part:

“The manufacture of cotton goods involves the use of a great variety of complicated machinery which offers many points of danger to those engaged in the work. In the most modern machines many of these danger points are well guarded, but in the case of older machines the protection, at best, is often but partial. This article undertakes to mention some of the points

which should be protected and to suggest what may be done to guard them. Certain recommendations apply to all mills, and some of them to all machinery, as follows:

  1. No projecting set-screws, bolt or keys should be allowed on anything that revolves. This applies to couplings and collars on shafting, as well as to machines proper.
  2. All gears should be effectually covered, care being taken that no danger point is left between guard and gear.
  3. All belt-driven machines should be provided with loose pulleys and belt shifters, or with clutches.
  4. Plate wheels should be substituted for oxposed armed wheels running at high speed.
  5. When this is impracticable, the wheels should be securely guarded.
  6. Exposed shaft ends should be fully covered.
  7. Belts running through floors in aisles should be guarded so that no one can come in contact with them.
  8. Floors should he kept in good condition, especially as regards splinters, and all openings in floors should he railed off.
  9. Halls and stairs should be well lighted, and stairs should he equipped with hand rails and good treads.
  10. All persons oiling mill gearing or otherwise employed near it should wear tight-fitting clothing.
  11. Girls employed at machines should not he allowed to wear their hair loose, or to have long apron strings, or flowing sleeves, or to comb their hair during working hours. These are especially dangerous practices.”

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