Fire School Held at Kent, Ohio

Fire School Held at Kent, Ohio

The fourth Ohio Regional Fire School and Exposition was held at Lake Brady Park, Kent, Ohio, on June 22 and 23, with a registration of over 1,300. There was also an extensive exhibit of fire department appliances.

Among the speakers and their subjects were the following:

Organization and Welfare—Chas. Sedgwick, Captain, Toledo Fire Department, and Vice-President, Fire Fighters of Ohio, Chairman, Ohio Police and Firemens’ Welfare Comm.

Work of the State Fire Marshal’s Office—Judge David Ladd Rockwell, Columbus, Ohio.

Firemen’s Training Course—R. B. Criswell, Ohio Inspection Bureau, Columbus, Ohio.

Fire Pumps, Relief Valves, Etc.—K. W. Stinson. Prof, of Engineering, Ohio State University.

Fire Prevention—Magic and Fire—

Claude Bowden, Underwriters Laboratories, Chicago, Ill.

Welfare and Organization, Fire Department Legislation—Capt. Chas. Sedgwick.

Work of the State Fire Marshal’s Office —Judge David Ladd Rockwell. Columbus, Ohio.

Arson—Patrick Barrett, Chief Fire Prevention Bureau. Cleveland, Ohio.

Fire Control, Rescue Squad and Their Many Duties—J. E. Granger, Chief, Cleveland, Ohio.

There were demonstrations of hose layouts, raising ladders, the life gun and its uses, gas masks, combustible gas indicators and alarms, industrial plant fire department equipment, first aid and safety, fire extinguishers, flood lights and lighting, various types of nozzles and a number of other important subjects of fire fighting.

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