Fire School Held at Purdue University

Fire School Held at Purdue University

Sixty-eight cities and 538 persons were represented at second annual Indiana Fire School held at Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind., October 29-30. The school was held under the direction of the Engineering Extension Department of the university, with the cooperation of the Indiana Firemen’s Association, Northern Indiana Industrial and Volunteer Firemen’s Association, Indiana Fire Marshal’s Department, and the Indiana Inspection Bureau.

The instructors and lecturers at the school included:

Donald F. Stiver, Director, Department of Public Safety of Indiana; E. M. Sellers, Manager, Indiana Inspection Bureau, Indianapolis; Frank H. Miller, President, Indiana Firemen’s Association, Terre Haute; H. C. Williams, Fire Drill Master, Cincinnati; C. S. Sprague, Research Assistant, EngineeringExperiment Station. Purdue University; Harry Wolff, Division of Fire Instruction, Chicago; J. W. Just, Engineer, Western Actuarial Bureau, Chicago; G. A. Gray, City Testing Laboratory, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati; H. G. Lee. Assistant Manager, Mutual Fire Prevention Bureau, Chicago; A. Bruce Bielaski, National Board of Fire Underwriters. New York; Clarence Goldsmith, Assistant Chief Engineer, National Board of Fire Underwriters, Chicago; Frank Brain. Master Mechanic, Indianapolis Fire Department; J. B. Fleming, Mine Safety Appliance Company, Urbana, Ill.

In addition to the lectures, the students were given practical instruction in first aid, shepherd hook drill and ladder evolutions.

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