Fire Schools

Fire Schools


Emergency Care and Transportation for Sick and Injured—Refresher Course, George W. Hyatt, MD, 3800 Reservoir Rd., Washington D.C. 20007, Aug. 14-17. Refresher Course, Michael W. Chapman, MD, 22nd & Potrero Ave., (San Francisco General Hospital) San Francisco, Calif. 94110, Sept. 12-14. Refresher Course, Marshall B. Conrad, MD, 4960 Auduton Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63110, Dec. 16-19. Tuition is $50 for each course. Advanced first aid training is a prerequisite for the basic course. Completion of 81 hours is a prerequisite for refresher courses. For information, write to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 430 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60611.

Georgia Fire Training Program—Southwest Georgia District Fire School, Sept. 11-12. Officership Short Course, Sept. 16-20. East Georgia District Fire School, Oct. 12-13. Industrial Fire Safety Short Course, Nov. 4-7. West Georgia District Fire School, Nov. 2021. Coastal Georgia District Fire School, Dec. 4-5. All short courses and State Fire School are conducted at the Georgia Fire Academy, Southern Technical Institute, Marietta. For information, write to Harold G. Thompson, Supervisor, Georgia Fire Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 30332.

Michigan Fire Training—Basic III Residence Course, Sept. 9-13. Advanced III Residence Course, Sept. 23-27. Advanced IV Residence Course, Oct. 7-11. Officers II Residence Course, Oct. 21-25. Industrial Control, Nov. 6-7. All courses are offered at the Civil Defense Building, North Campus, with the exception of the last course that is offered at the Chrysler Center, North Campus. For information, write to Arthur W. Appel, Director, Firemanship Training Program, Civil Defense and Disaster Training Center, 1946 Beal Road, North Campus, Ann Arbor, Mich. 48105.

Middle Atlantic States Fire Protection Seminar—Lancaster, Penn., Sept. 6-8. It will be held in two sections, the Industrial Section on the 6th and the Municipal Section on the 7th and 8th. There will be equipment displays plus various demonstrations. For information, contact Charles E. Welcomer, Jr., General Chairman, 201 Whittier Lane, Lancaster, Penn. 17602.

New Hampshire Fire School—Fitzwilliam, Sept. 21-22. For information, write to Deputy Chief Robert Fitz, 64 Ashworth Ave., Hampton, N.H.03842.

Ontario State Fire School—Fire Fighting Operations Unit, Part III, Aug. 5-16. Fire Fighting Operations Unit, Part IV, Aug. 1930. Fire Department Administration Unit, Part I, Sept. 2-13. Fire Department Administration Unit, Part II, Sept. 16-27. Regional Fire Training Schools: Trenton for Counties of Hastings and Prince Edward, Sept. 2-6. Brockville for Counties of Leeds and Grenville, Sept. 16-20. Embrum for Counties of Prescott and Russell,’ Sept. 23-27. Pre-registration required. For information, contact D.E. Barrett, Director, Ontario Fire College, Gravenhurst, Ont.

Pennsylvania State Firemen’s Training School—Fire Fighting II, Aug. 5-9. Pump I, Aug. 12-16. Aerial Apparatus Practices, Aug. 20-22. Rescue Practices, Aug. 26-30. Ladder Practices, Sept. 4-5. Fire Service Radio Communications, Sept. 9-10. Respiratory Protection, Sept. 14-15. Arson Detection, Sept. 17-19. Salvage Practices, Sept. 18-19. Fire Fighting I, Sept. 23-27. For information, contact Clayton G. Canterbury, Pennsylvania State Firemen’s Training School, Box 631, Lewiston, Pa. 17044.

Pennsylvania State University Management Workshop—Behrend College, Aug. 18-24. The primary objectives of this workshop are to develop a better understanding of supervisory skills and responsibilities, to give an insight into motives of people at work, and to recommend the importance of effective communication. For information, contact, Robert R. Schenker, Area Representative, Continuing Education, Behrend College, The Pennsylvania State University, Station Road, Erie, Penn. 16510.

Texas Fire Training Program—Industrial Fire School, July 28-Aug. 2. Spanish Fire School, Aug. 4-9. All classes will be conducted on Brayton Firemen Training Field and Texas A&M University Campus. For information, contact Chief Henry D. Smith, Firemen Training, Texas Engineering Extension Service, The Texas A&M University System, College Station, Texas 77843.

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