Fire Schools

Fire Schools

Arizona State Fire College—Oct. 22-24, Fire Department Training Academy, 2430 South 22nd Avenue, Phoenix. For additional information, write Battalion Chief Jake Siken, Director, Phoenix Fire Department, 2430 South 22nd Avenue, Phoenix 85009.

California State Fire Training Program—Mar. 16-20, Fire Prevention Seminar, Francisco Forres, Goleta; Apr. 6-10, Fire Alarm Operation and Maintenance School, Villa Hotel, San Mateo; May 4-8, Fire Training Officers’ Workshop, Hacienda Motel, Fresno; June 15-19, Arson and Fire Investigation Seminar, Sacramento Inn, Sacramento. For information, write Edward W. Bent, Supervisor, Fire Service Training, Department of Education, State of California, 721 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, Calif. 95814.

Connecticut State Training Program—Apr. 1416, Connecticut Fire Marshals Conference, Yale Motor Inn, Junction of Wilbur Cross Parkway and Route 5, Wallingford; May 12-14, Connecticut Fire Officers Conference, Yale Motor Inn. Wallingford; June 1-5, Fire School, New Haven Fire Training School, Willimantic Fire Training School and Bradley International Airport. For information and registration forms, write to: Andrew J. Flanagan, Supervisor, Fire Training, Hartford State Technical College, 401 Flatbush Avenue, Hartford, Conn. 06106.

Delaware State Fire Training Program—Feb. 15, Fire Chiefs Seminar; Mar. 1, Hydraulics Course; Mar. 8, Instructors Seminar. All courses will be held at the Delaware State Fire Training Center. For information, write Louis J. Amabili, Director, R. D. No. 2, Box 166, Dover, Dela. 19901.

Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured—Apr. 23-25, New Orleans; May 13-15, Columbia, S.C.; May 24-28, San Diego, Calif.; June 3-6, Atlanta, Ga.; June 15-18, Boston, Mass.; June 17-19, Memphis, Tenn.; Aug. 20-22, Madison, Wis.; Aug. 2729, Washington, D.C.; Sept. 16-18, San Francisco, Calif.; Sept. 16-19, Lexington, Ky.; Sept. 22-25, St. Louis, Mo.; Oct. 8-10, New York, N.Y.; Oct. 28-31, Portland, Ore.; Nov. 8-11, Dallas, Tex.; Nov. 19-21, Johnson City, Tenn.; Dec. 3-5, Miami, Fla. For information, contact the Coordinator of Continuing Education, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 430 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill. 60611.

Fire Department Instructors Conference—Mar. 24-27, Kansas City, Mo. For information, write Kenneth L. Stanton, General Chairman, P. O. Box 1089, Chicago, Ill. 60690.

Florida Fire Training Program—Feb. 23-27, Units 201, Instructor Training; 206, Fire Prevention and Protection; 108, Ventilation, Overhaul and Salvage; 101, Tools, Forcible Entry, Breathing Apparatus, Extinguishers, Rope Work, Knots and Hitches; 106, Fire Inspection. Mar. 2-6, Units 109, Rescue; 210, Fire Department Management; 107, Arson Detection; 102, Hose and Ladders; 202, Company Officer Training. Mar. 9-13, Units 104, Fire Streams; 105, Fire Apparatus and Pumps; 204, Fire Fighting Tactics; 209, Fire Service Public Relations and Public Speaking; 207, Fire Investigation; 111, Fire Service Chemistry. All courses will be held at the Fire College in Ocala. For information, write James F. Fleming, Chief, Bureau of State Fire College, Department of Community Affairs, Division of Training and Professional Development, P. O. Box 785, Ocala, Fla. 32670.

Georgia Fire Training Program—Feb. 17-20, Administration Short Course for Officers; Mar. 9-13. Mechanics’ Short Course. Courses will be held at the Southern Technical Institute. Marietta, Ga. For information, write Harold G. Thompson, Supervisor, Fire Service Training, Georgia Fire Insitute, Engineering Extension Division, Industrial Education Department, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 30332.

International Fire Administration Institute—Aug. 7-9, Seattle, Wash. For information, write Donald M. O’Brien, General Manager, International Association of Fire Chiefs, 232 Madison Avenue, New York, N. Y. 10016.

International Fire Service Training Association —Mar. 23, Muehlebach Hotel, Kansas City, Mo. For information, write Everett Hudiburg, Fire Protection Publications, Building Q-2, Room 20-C, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Okla. 74074.

Lakes Region Mutual Aid Fire School—June 6-7, Almond Red Watson Civil Defense Training Center, Gilford, N. H. For further information, write: Fire School, P.O. Box 102, Lakeport, N. H. 03246.

Maryland Chief Officers Seminar—Mar. 7-8, University of Maryland, College Park. For information, write J. R. Bachtler, Director, Fire Service Extension, Fire Service Building, University of Maryland, College Park 20742.

Michigan Fire Training Program—Feb. 23-24, Fire Department Instructors Conference; Mar. 3-4, Fire Chiefs Training Conference; Mar. 10-11, Arson Control Seminar. The above courses will be held on campus. Mar. 16-20, Officers Course. Enrolees live in at the Training Center. For information, write Francis A. Hartman, Supervisor, Firemanship Training Program, Extension Service, The University of Michigan, Civil Defense and Disaster Training Center, Beal Road, North Campus, Ann Arbor, Mich. 48105.

Minnesota State Fire School—Apr. 27-30, Hotel St. Paul, St. Paul. For information, write Ward E. Willford, Coordinator, Minnesota Fire School, Trade and Industrial Education, Centennial Building, St. Paul 55101.

Wisconsin Fire Training Program—Feb. 16-18, Fire Prevention, West Bend; Feb. 24-25, Regional School, Greenfield; Mar. 2-4, Fire Prevention, Tomah; Mar. 4, Regional School, West Bend; Mar. 5. Regional School, Cedarburg; Mar. 10, Fire Prevention, Edgerton; Mar. 11, 18, 25, Fire Prevention, Portage. For further information, write Gordon R. Christianson, Supervisor, Wisconsin Board of Vocational, Technical and Adult Education, 137 East Wilson Street, Madison, Wis. 53705.

Fire Fatalities Decline in 1969

Fire killed approximately 12,100 people in the United States during 1960, the National Fire Protection Association reported.

The same number of fatalities was estimated for 1968. According to the NFPA, the 1969 record actually represents a slight improvement, since fire deaths remained at the same level while the nation’s population rose roughly 2 million.

Deaths in dwelling fires declined fractionally, from 6,600 in 1968 to 6,550 in 1969.

The worst loss of life fires in 1969 occurred in transportation. A ship collision and fire off New Orleans on April 7 took 26 lives, the Navy aircraft carrier Enterprise fire at Pearl Harbor on January 14 cost 24 lives, and the crash and fire of a DC-3 at New Orleans Airport on March 20 killed 16 persons.

Nebraska Volunteers Elect

Kenneth Schwartz of Red Cloud was elected president of the Nebraska State Volunteer Firemen’s Association at its annual convention in Sidney, October 16-18. Other officers are: Holly Willhoff, Central City, first vice president and Lowell Arps of Fremont, second vice president. Russell Salak of Schuyler was renamed secretary-treasurer, a post he has held since 1943.

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