List of Fire Service Patents Issued May 2, 1878

FIRE-ESCAPE LADDER.—Combination of sectional ladder, mounted upon a truck, provided with turn-table, the ladder being elevated by means of a carriage operated by windlass and rope. Patent No. 202,364, issued April 16, 1878, to James P. Morris, assignor. Gilbert D. Wright and Joseph K. Bywaters, Paris, Texas.

Extension-Ladders.—Consisting of abernate grooved ladder sections, embracing tongued sections. A bracketed rail, adapted to rest beneath the window-sill, is attached to upper section. Removable hand-rails fold up with the sections by sleeve-connections. Patent No. 202-426, issued April 16, 1878, to George M. Evans, Pittsburgh, Pa.

MACHINERY FOR MANUFACTURING HOSE.Consisting of mandrel, dies of sufficient number, cord or wire-wrapping devices, and envelope wrapper. Patent No. 202.451, issued April 16, 1878, to Henry J. Merrens, Cleveland, Ohio.

Fire-Escape.—Hinged ladder-sections, capable of being employed as a straight ladder, by means of locking-bolts operated by ropes, or can be used to form vertical and horizontal supports for egress or ingress to buildings. Patent No. 202,460, issued April 16, 1876, to William C. Phillips, assignor, Charles M. Tucker and Charles E. Remsen, Norwalk, Conn.

Fire-Escape.—Consisting of a metallic tube, made in the fqrm of an open knob, in combination with the rope, passing through the same, and the belt ior carrying the descending person. Patent No. 202,504, issued April 16, 1878, to Joseph J. Adgate, assignor, and Charles E. Parent, New York, N. Y.

Fire-Escape.—Combination of roller, having flanges, with cord, having knots, and steps, having brackets. Patent No. 202,562, issued April 16,1878, to Gaylord Martin, Milwaukee, Wis.

KNAPSACK Fire-Engines.—Portable reservoir in combination with hand force pump and hose. Patent No. 7,774, reissued April 16, 1878, to Joseph W. Douglas, assignor, and W. & B. Douglas, Middletown, Conn.

Fire-Escape.—Combination in a flexible ladder of the treads, formed of rings and yokes, suspending chains or ropes and diagonal chains or ropes. Patent No. 202,708. issued April 23, 1878, to Frederick Dettmer, Madison, Ind.

FIRE-ESCAPE —Combination of frame, drum, having flanges, movable pin, having shoulder, spring, adjusting-screw and conical fixed part. Patent No. 202,767, issued April 13, 1878, to John Swank and Arnold Jehnke, Denver, Col.

FIRE-ALARM SIGNAL-BOXES. — Combination with a fire-alarm signal-box, of a local alarm, which is sounded by the mechanism which turns in the alarm. Patent No. 202,891, issued April 23, 1878, to Robert N. Tooker, Chicago, Ill.




List of Fire Service Patents Issued April 2, 1878.

FIRE ESCAPE.—Combination of movable balcony and elevator, with shafts, drums, wire ropes, &c. Patent No. 201,396, issued April 2, 1878, to Henry Stacey, Indianapolis, Ind.

TELEGRAPH FIRE ALARM APPARATUS.-Com bination of shaft with arms fixed thereto In a boilI zontal position, of rod, provided with stops. cou necting with armature and spring. Patent No. 2ot,941, issued r1 2, 1878. to Augustus C. Palmer and Augustus H. Palmer, Utica. N. V.

FtRE EXTINGUISHERS AND ESCAPE-TOWER.A fire proof tower within or adjacent to a bWk!inL’, forming communication with every soy. provided with suitable mtans for ascent and desc”‘ its base connected by a tunnel With the street. ViThin the tower is a perforated ventilating shaft0 through which gas and water pipes pass up through the tower, having connection with each floor, said water pipes being connected with water main by pipes leading through the tunnel. Patent No. 202,000, issued 2, r878, to Albert C. Ellithorpe and Christian ll.i Chicago, Ill.

AUT)MAT1C FRE.ExTIGtsHER.-The corn bination with a box or case containing chemicals. for evolving gae~. the extinguishing of fires, of a thermost, Which, when op.erat’~d liv heat, will light a fire to fir..’ the gases. Patent No. 202,035, issued April 2, I87 to Francis Leclere, Assignor, Glaucus H. Bonnaffon and George E. Buckley, Philadelphia, Pa.

APPARATUS FOR EXTINGUISHING FIRES.Combination of gas-generating cylinder, rising and falling basket within said cylinder, windlass, ratchet and its pawl, tank, pipes, wire ropes, pulleys, etc. Patent No. 202,067, issued April 2, 1878, to John W. Stanton, Brooklyn, N, Y.

Fire-Extinguisher.—An engine fitted with one or more discharge-pumps, separate receptacles ‘* for containing different fire-extinguishing liquids, connected with said pumps by separate inlets, a discharge pipe from the pumpS, for said liquids, either separately or when winged, and means for separately controlling the supply of either liquid to to the pumps. Patent No. 202,068, issued April 2, 1878, to John W. Stanton, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Fire-Escape.—Cage ladder, provided with lateral swinging doors, adapted to admit persons escaping from windows, and constructed to form an inclosed upright passage. Patent No. 202,1×5, issued April 9, 1878,* to Catharine R. Mott, New York, N. Y.

Extension-Ladders.—In combination with a Fire-ladder Truck having a turn table, and pivoted ladder and mechanism for raising, lowering, and holding said ladder in any position. Patent No. 202,169, issued April 9*1878, to Daniel D. Hayes, San Francisco, Cal.

Hose-Nozzles.—In combination with a hosenozzle, a cap provided with perforations tangential to the axis of the nozzle. Patent No. 202,207, issued April 9, 1878, to Adolph Weber, Detroit, Mich.

Fire-Escape.—Combination of Truck, frame and extension ladders. Patent No 202.263, issued April 9, 1878, to Joseph P. R. James, assignor, Pepin, Minn,, and Frank H. Bernard, Chippewa Falls, Wis.