Fire Starts in Carnival Train

Fire Starts in Carnival Train

A “crazy house” car attached to a circus train, enroute from Hawthorne, N. J., to New London, Conn., was wrecked by a $15,000 fire on June 16. Sparks from the train’s engine ignited the car’s canvas top as the train passed over the Naugatuck Avenue Bridge at Devon, Conn.

The flat car, one of ten in the train, carried three gaily covered wagons in which equipment for the carnival’s “Big Apple” crazy house amusement was stored. The carnival is owned by “The World of Mirth” of Richmond, Va.

Damage to the car and to an adjoining one, which housed the carnival’s $18,000 merry-go-round, was estimated at $15,000 by Assistant Chief Ernest I. Cox of the Milford Fire Department, who led Devon and Milford firemen in a half-hour battle to extinguish the blaze. Several hundred carnival workers, whose quarters were in the rear cars of the train, fled the fire.

“The Crazy House” wagons burned like tarpaper after sparks had nestled on its roof. The flames spread quickly to the merry-go-round car and both were a mass of flames when firemen arrived on the scene. The two burning cars were uncoupled by firemen. The alarm was received at Milford Fire Headquarters at 11:08 p. m. and the recall was one-half hour later.

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