Fire Station Heater

Fire Station Heater

A much-needed and useful equipment for fire stations in which motor fire apparatus is kept and which has just been placed on the market, is the Wasco Garage heating system.

In the smaller cities, especially where apparatus is kept in sheds or fire stations in which there is little or no heat and in which there is danger of the apparatus freezing, this equipment should prove especially valuable. Not only is it very economical in operation, but it requires practically no attention, for it employs the simplest type of heating system, namely, hot water.

The manufacturer states that the average cost of maintaining the quarters of a single engine warm does not exceed 5 cents per day. Its usefulness does not end in merely keeping the apparatus from freezing, but it keeps the machines from becoming chilled and thereby insures rapid starting at any time.

The WascO consists of an all-cast-iron, coal-burning, hot-water heater which has a special automatic temperature regulator that holds the fire even and so maintains a steady heat for long periods. The radiation is a special wall radiator that hangs up out of the way. But, perhaps, the most unique part of the system is the fact that it comes with pipes and fittings all cut, ready to make the connections and set up in a few hours’ time. Any handy man can do the work. Its low cost is explained by the fact that it is a stock system, and for that reason is sold in big quantities. Descriptive catalog and full particulars can be had from the manufacturer, the W. A. Schleit Manufacturing Company, Inc., Syracuse. N. Y.

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