Fire Survey of Chicago Planned

Fire Survey of Chicago Planned

Fire Commissioner John F. Cullerton. of Chicago. Ill., recently completed plans for the survey and inspection of practically every building in the city. He expects to lay the program for this survey before Mayor Dever and it is believed that it will be carried through at an early date. Referring to the matter, Mr. Cullerton said: “At present

there is altogether too much guess work as to what might he expected when apparatus responds to an alarm. The signs on a building may designate it as a machine shop, but the firemen don’t know for a certainty whether several hundred gallons of highly combustible or explosive material is stored there.

“This situation is one of the causes for loss of life and injury to firemen as well as great property damage. Knowing in advance, as the result of a survey, that explosives are stored, the marshal in charge could take proper precautions. The killing of several persons a year ago in the explosion at Halsted and Taylor Streets would not have happened if inspections had been made.”

According to Mr. Cullerton, the survey will require fully a year because some 490,000 structures other than dwellings would have to be inspected and records compiled for use of the fire prevention bureau. The cost, however, would be comparatively small as each fire station would assign a man to the task of inspection.

Amboy Gets New Fire Apparatus—Members of the fire department of Amboy, Ill., recently went to Logansport, Ind., and drove home their new fire apparatus, which is of the Obenchain-Boyer make, mounted on a Ford chassis. The apparatus is equipped with a Hale pump with a capacity of 250 gallons per minute. The pump will take water from a well or cistern as well as from the city water mains. The apparatus is also equipped with two 35-gallon chemical tanks arranged so that one can be recharged while the other is in use, thus insuring a continuous flow of chemical. Water can also be forced through the chemical tanks when a small stream of water is necessary. The engine room in the city hall will be remodeled to care for the new apparatus.

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